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< 5k short stories are available on the In Short page.

Adaptable (Teen Wolf — 6.2k — John/Claudia, pre Derek/Stiles)

Alio Modo (Harry Potter — 65k — Gen, pre Severus/OMC)

All Your Reasons (The Avengers, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — 18.6k — Tony DiNozzo/Bruce Banner)

Alpha of Atlantis, Emergence Verse (Stargate: Atlantis — 10.7k — Gen)

Anomaly (Stargate: Atlantis — 10.4k — John/Rodney)

The Dark Road (Teen Wolf — 34k — Gen)

De Novo (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs — 63k — Tony/Ian Edgerton)

Death of Silence (NCIS — 23k — Tony/Gibbs)

Defining Moment (MCU — 19k — Gen)

Demons (NCIS, MCU — 73k — Tony DiNozzo aka Dom Rossi/Tony Stark) Sequel to Stick Around

Duty of the Living (Teen Wolf — 50k — Stiles/Derek)

Emergence (NCIS, Stargate, The Sentinel — 210k — Tony/Gibbs, Daniel/Jack, Blair/Jim, Others)

Every Moment (Series) (9-1-1 — 53k — Buck/Eddie, canon pairs)

Everything They Said (Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — 17k — Tony/Steve)

The Fourth Want (Hannibal — 7.6k — Hannibal/Will)

Fracture (NCIS, Leverage, Sentinel Fusion — 16k — Tony/Eliot)

Here for You (9-1-1 — 23k — Buck/Eddie)

Honor (9-1-1 — 5.5k — Chris/Denny, Buck/Eddie)

The Hospitality of Hobbits (The Hobbit — 20k — Thorin/Belladonna Took)

The Hula Hoop of Truth (9-1-1 — 8.4k — Gen, pre-Buck/Eddie)

I Wasn’t Waiting for You (Criminal Minds, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — 14.3k — Tony/Hotch)

If Found, Please Return (NCIS, Stargate — 55k — Gen, John/Rodney)

…I’ll Forgive – Episode 1 of For You… Series (NCIS — 27k — Tony/OMC)

I’m with You (9-1-1 — 9k — Gen, pre-Buck/Eddie)

Imperfect (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Sentinel Fusion — 47k — Tony/Derek Morgan)

The Journey Home (NCIS, Stargate, The Sentinel, Sentinel Fusion — 126k — Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neill, Others)

Memories (NCIS — 22k — Tony/Gibbs)

Option C (Stargate: Atlantis — 10k — John/Rodney)

Restoration (Harry Potter — 26k — Severus/Lucius)

Send for the Man (MCU, Stargate Atlantis, Sentinel Fusion — 21k — Tony Stark/Alex Sheppard)

Sentry (MCU, NCIS — 103k — Tony DiNozzo/Thor, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers)

Stick Around (MCU, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — 24k — Tony DiNozzo/Tony Stark) Prequel to Demons

Sweet Responsibility (Magnum PI, Hawaii Five-0 — 5.9k — Gordon & Thomas Friendship)

Story of My Life (9-1-1 — 7.3k — Gen, pre-Buck/Eddie)

These Small Hours (NCIS, SG-1, SGA — 66k — Tony/Gibbs)

Tipping Point (Teen Wolf — 6.3k — Derek/Stiles)

Tony Stark Fucks off to Canada—Series (MCU)

Toxic (9-1-1 — 7.5k — Gen, Buck/Eddie)

Unobstructed Views (Teen Wolf — 64k — Gen)

Vicious (NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — 30k — Tony/Gibbs)

What Fate Brings (NCIS, 9-1-1, Sentinel Fusion — 6.8k — Tony/Rampart)



  1. Love almost all of ur stories, reading “Where the spirit leads”, always makes a bad day, so much better.

  2. Love your stories! Especially stargate ncis and sentinel crossovers are you still writing?

  3. I Love your stories!

  4. I keep returning to “If found, please return”, it always makes me feel better.

  5. Hi why did you change from https which is more secure to http

    • I addressed the removal of my SSL certificate in a post on my site, but, sure, we can talk about it here too…

      The short answer is that is that I didn’t want to continue to pay $100 a year for the SSL. That’s what my host charges and I’m not allowed to buy the certificate elsewhere. I’m not sure why anyone but me would care anyway since I’m the only person logging into the site. An SSL certificate doesn’t protect me from brute force attacks or malware. I pay for other services to cover those things. Since there are no memberships on my site and therefore no logins or account details being passed by readers over my “unsecure” site, I’m not sure why anyone cares.

      I do plan to migrate to a new, more flexible host and go back to having an SSL certificate in the future because I think it likely that some browsers will start blocking sites that don’t have SSL, but I don’t have the time or money right now to throw away a year of hosting that’s already been paid for. Not to mention the time investment in migrating the site.

  6. I don’t know what your writing style is like as I don’t like reading m/m stories. However, I absolutely refuse to insult you for writing such! Obviously you have people reading it so as I see it, it’s not my right nor business to order you to stop. If people enjoy it, more power to them! I don’t but that’s personal. So continue to write whatever you enjoy writing and continue to please your readership.

  7. Hi
    I would LOVE the read Beliver again!!
    Can I have a copy or an link to read it again? I just LOVED IT!!

  8. Hi !
    I just loves Beliver! Where Can I find it again?

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