Title: Sentry
Fandom: MCU, NCIS
Genre: Crossover, Drama, First Time, Science Fiction
Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Thor, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Canon-level Violence, Kidnapping, Torture and Graphic Violence, Medical Experimentation, Mentions of Hate Crime/Hate Speech (because Hydra)
Word Count: ~103,500
Summary: When Steve Rogers disappeared into the ice, Peggy Carter considered it her duty to stand watch over the daughter Steve never knew he had. She watched from a distance, ensuring Steve’s legacy was safe, extending her watch to Steve’s grandson.

As her mental faculties declined, she charged the only person she truly trusted, Phil Coulson, to continue her vigil. Project codename: Sentry.

When Tony DiNozzo vanishes off the streets of DC, Phil forces Fury to take him to see Steve Rogers so they can enlist the aid of the Avengers in finding Steve’s grandson.

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