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I’m terrible about giving regular updates, but I don’t want another situation where people think I’ve been abducted by pirates, so I’ll try to be a little more consistent about updating this page. I’ll leave the old stuff up, but I’m just going to add stuff to the first tab going forward.

Update Posts

Spring 2019 Update

Oct/Nov 2016

Happy Fall!

To many people it seemed like I vanished after Rough Trade. I’m alive and kicking (and writing). I hit a bit of a writing slump during July. I actually wrote a lot, started many stories, but nothing was gelling. That seems to be behind me now (thank fuck!), and just in time for Rough Trade to begin.

My project for November is called Subversive, and is a werewolf AU. Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett as the main pairing. I’ll also be bringing in some characters from the Stargate franchise. PickingupEllen made me some bangin’ art for that story. I expect to be pretty absent from my site during the month of November. This is pretty typical… when I’m trying to write a whole novel in a month, it’s hard to keep up with everything else.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of short stories for prompts on the Rough Trade Workshop. I had been keeping them on a single page on my site, but the maintenance of that is making me insane. So, they’ll go out like regular posts hence forth. Look for a flood of them in the next few hours. The master list will be updated shortly with all the links. (I’m under construction… don’t ping me if they’re not there yet. Give it a few hours and try again.)

These stories are complete as they are. There will not be new chapters or sequels. They are not connected. They are not up for adoption.

There will be a new novella-length story available on 10/26. It’s my entry for the NCIS Big Bang. It’s an NCIS/Criminal Minds crossover, Tony/Derek Morgan.

I did an email clean up recently and found a bunch of emails I’d completely missed that were sent via my site contact form. They were aged enough that I felt they had exceeded their shelf life and just filed them away. But, if you sent me an email and needed a response on something, please send it again.

June 2016

It’s June, and time to prep for another Rough Trade! July used to be called Summer Bootcamp and that’s what it was for me… short stories aren’t the easiest for me, but I love doing this event because I get better at it every time I try.

There is one downside to the month before Rough Trade, it means the site has been cleared off and it’s open season for questions about the last Rough Trade project.


Please don’t.

Of course my story will be posted here. WHEN IT’S FINISHED. Finished means edited and beta’d. That’s my deal, folks. I only publish completed works, with the exception of Evil Author Day. Asking me about it, or asking for a schedule for publication isn’t necessary. There’s nothing new about this. Please stop. It’s been multiple times a day the last 4 days and I’m already tired of it.

Okay, enough of that. I am of course participating in July. I’ll be writing three 15k Sentinel fusions. Once again this year, It’ll be the Tony DiNozzo mystery tour of fun and bonding sex. First story is a cross with Stargate: Atlantis, called Primus: The Hunt. Tony is the guide to Ronon Dex. This will be the first installment in a series with new, and I hope, original world building.

Second story is a crossover with Leverage; Tony is the guide to Eliot Spencer. It’s called Fracture. This will be an AU of Leverage, so knowledge of that show is absolutely not required. You can just read the Leverage characters as OCs. Though if you’re looking for something to marathon some weekend, I highly recommend it.

Third story is a crossover with Lucifer; Tony is the guide to Lucifer. It’s called Beautiful Decline. And, yes, Lucifer is the Lucifer, not some whacko who thinks he’s the devil. I will say that based on what I have planned, this story has the potential to offend people who are sensitive about religion. If the show Lucifer bothers you, this fic most definitely will. Please don’t read it and then bitch that you got offended. I’ve warned you, you should know if you can’t handle it, so don’t read it.

Also, even though I referenced these stories as First, Second, Third, I actually don’t know what order I’m writing them in. Right now I’m inclined to write Primus last, but we’ll see.

I decided to go with an all-guide Tony this year. I do love writing Tony as a sentinel, but while I can see Tony as either guide or sentinel, the three pairings I chose, I felt like his partner was more typecast in the sentinel role. I wasn’t in the mood to fight my initial impression, so guide-x3 it is. There is a theme in all the stories, which is that the guide pursues the sentinel in every case.

I’ve done about 20 banners this month and we’re only four days in. I hope to get all the art wrapped in the next couple days so I can focus on writing the rest of the month. Why? I have the Extreme Big Bang to finish this month, so June is all about my Psychic!AU. That’s coming in Mid-August here and on AO3.

I think that’s about it. Prepping for Rough Trade, doing art, writing my AU.

Final thought, I’m willing to discuss my work, I’m not willing to explain myself. I don’t owe anyone timelines or sequels or anything else. If you have a question about a fic, ask. If you have a question about when a fic is happening… please don’t.

May 2016

Mid-month addition – I participated in a plotting exercise with Keira Marcos on her radio show on Friday night. The challenge was to get a prompt and come up with a plot on the fly, live on the air. It was a lot of fun. Between us, we came up with 3 or 4 plots in the two hours. The one we did the most work on, my first plot idea, I really like and do plan to pick it up as a story some day. The purpose of this was to give people insight into how different writers work and observe different styles of plotting/planning/creative process in action. Keira hopes to continue the series, called Plot Drift, with other authors. If you’re curious, please check out the radio show!



I’m late getting my May update done. April was REALLY busy and it trickled over into May.

In April, I posted my SGA Reverse Bang story, Anomaly. It’s a soulmate AU and about 10k.

I’ve finished my NCIS Reverse Bang project and it’s off being beta’d. I had to take a break from If Found… in order to complete the writing. It was weird juggling two NCIS fics last month. Especially weird once Tony’s name changed to Alex in If Found… that wasn’t the easiest thing to do—go into one story and write about Tony, go into another story and write about the same character set, but call him Alex.

After I get the last of the RT project done and my Reverse Bang story posted, I’ll be working hard on getting my Psychic AU finished before RT in July. So the latter half of May and all of June is devoted to that story. There is no option because my posting date is in August and I have three other fics to write in July!

Speaking of July… I’ll be participating in Rough Trade, of course. My three main fandoms this go around will be SGA, The Sentinel, and Hawaii Five-0. All the stories will be related to one another, much as Keira did with her Alpha Chronicles ‘verse. I’ll also be using Tony DiNozzo from NCIS in my SGA story (is anyone surprised?), and Eliot Spencer from Leverage in my Hawaii Five-0 story. I’m not giving out any further details about my new verse until project files go up in June.

I’m plotting madly for November. I have too many AUs at this time, but I love world building, so it’s enjoyable to have too many ideas.

My project for the Mulligan challenge on Rough Trade next April will be Slytherin Black. It’s the only story that fits the criteria for the challenge. That means the timeline for the completion of Slytherin Black has been set. Now you know. Don’t bug me about it.

Other things I’m working on as time and inspiration permit:

  • NCIS TTB Story
  • Sequels to my sentinel stories
  • De Novo (see EAD 2016)

April 2016

This page used be organized by project and date, and I tried to update it weekly. Like that didn’t happen! Monthly is much more likely. So, we’ll see how this goes.

Rough Trade is in full swing. My project this year is called, If Found, Please Return. I’m borrowing some of Keira’s Sheppards and making Tony the long lost son. It’s only a few days in, but it’s going well.

Also, I’m working on the NCIS Reverse Bang story, which is due at the end of the month. So I have two fics due this month. My estimate is 40k and 25k respectively. 65k in a month is very doable for me, but I’ve got a lot going on in April so it’s going to be a tough haul. Rough Trade months (April, July, November) are bad months to be poking at me. Actually, I don’t like to be poked, but I’m writing all month those months and you’re might just throw me out of my groove.

If you head on over to Rough Trade to read the work in progress, please be mindful of the site rules. I don’t want anyone coming from my site being an asshole in Keira’s playground.

Happy Spring!

Status of Sequels

Emergence – Alpha of Atlantis, the next part in the series, is up on my site. Most of the first episode of the sequel is available through the Evil Author Day page under fiction. I don’t anticipate getting back to Emergence for a little while, so please be happy with the EAD glimpse and let it be.

Journey Home – The four chapters of the sequel are available on the Evil Author Day page. Not sure when this will make it back to the top of the pile

I Wasn’t Waiting for You – I’ve plotted the sequel but it’s just pending me being ready to pick it up.


  1. Fabulous story. All praise to you. Thoroughly enjoying and looking forward to more. Thanks and we’ll done once again.

  2. Please let me know about new posts. Thank you

  3. Not wanting to harass you at all, but I was wondering if there were any developments. I was also wondering where to sign up for updates.

    Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.

  4. Wow did I hit the motherload! I am eagerly and obsessively waiting for more

  5. Thanks for the info here, I hadn’t spotted this page before. It is lovely to be given such updates provided it doesn’t turn into a burden for you.

    I was sorry to hear people have been bugging you about Slytherin Black. I can’t believe people sometimes. What with demands for more and the plain hurtful comments from some if a plot isn’t going their way (um, you write it then, idiot! Oh, but you can’t can you) – I understand people have been being mean to Colubrina recently – I am amazed any writers carry on. Should I ever write something and decide to publish it, I would definitely be channelling you, Keira & Ladyholder re comments!

    Thanks for everything. I mean that! This last week has been a particular feast of Jilly goodness – you must be worn out! If I can ever reciprocate by helping at all, please let me know. Cheers, A.

  6. Your projects of Avril were really great ! Like a fountain of greatness ^^, ‘specially the crossovers with Tony Dinozzo, i love how you write him.
    And to hear your project of xover with SGA for Little Black Dress !!!! I’m excited to see how you mesh our favorite hitter with 5.0 too ^^ But is’nt there supposed to be 3 stories ? Is the 3rd a surprise ? *.*

    There is never enough crossover with Dinozzo. Do you think you would try again an incursion into MCU/NCIS ?

    As for Slytherin Black since i never read any portion of it, i will eagerly wait for next April to discover it (or when you really want to write it)

  7. woo! i luv all your stories, have read all of them, finished “if found’ and I loved it, I stumbled around and found the new stuff for ‘de novo’ on ead and was so excited, I’m about to sit down and crack that stuff open 🙂 luv your stuff, I haven’t read slytherin black though, but I’m smart and having patience for an awesome story one day lol. *tips hat* have a nice day and continue with your wonderful and amzing stories

  8. I really love your work 🙂 I was wondering if it is possible to read a story I heard about called De Novo? I think it’s yours? From what I’ve heard I’d really love to read it but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Thank-you either way, your writing brightens my day 🙂

    • Thank you!

      Yes, De Novo is mine. I decided to only post completely finished works on my site starting this year, so De Novo is in the Evil Author Day community I share with Keira Marcos. When I posted originally, there were three chapters to go, but I subsequently finished it. Since I don’t have time to edit it, I went ahead and posted the end as a gift to my readers in case the NCIS finale sucked. It will be finished an on my site sometime this year.

      Anyway, you have to be a member of live journal and be a member of our community. Be sure you’re logged into LJ first, and then go to this link to join.

      After you join, De Novo part 10 is the most recent post, and it has links to all the other parts. Happy reading.

  9. I’m back !!! hello ! I luv your stories, just read the June update, and im excited for the upcoming stories! the idea of tony as ronons guide is so awesome! i luv possessive!ronon stories and cant wait for him to be all ‘my guide!’ I’ve never watched leverage or that lucifer show but I’m willing to read the stories anyway because your writing is just that amazingly good! 🙂 I’m not gonna be like all the others annoying you for updates and stuff.

    I’m a good girl and shall patiently wait and sit on the couch with breathless anticipation..until I pass out lol

    Good look with your writing and I wish you all the best to be filled with tons of ideas 🙂

    sincerely, your fan

  10. woo who more Tony fics. Just finished a massive reread of fics and just had to say Thank you for all the lovely (good, smart, well written) Tony (I meant well written as in character instead of the mess that is canon writting, though your fics are also well written). Your stories are a joy to read. so Thanks again for sharing.

  11. You should NEVER have to explain yourself, so don’t chuff yourself about people who complain; they should get a grip. I’m always grateful for your work WHENEVER you finish it. It’s always worth the wait, and I’ll keep my boundless anticipation to myself. Grins… Happy writing!

  12. You are so kind to give us these updates! It is so nice to have this Tony goodness to look forward to after THAT finale! 😀

  13. Love to see more to the emergence series when you feel up to it. Both me and hubby enjoy it, even though I have to describe sex senses as ‘boiling water’ to hubby!

  14. Thank you for your wonderful stories. Love all the different combination of characters.
    Am waiting with baited breath for the new release of Rough Trade goodies. 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for all of the new posts. I really enjoyed reading through all of “The Big Short” projects. I’m really looking forward to the November Rough Trade entry. I hope you have a very productive month!

  16. I truly love “Emergence”. Where can I find book 2? Keep up all the hard good work!

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