1. Really a nice website! Just entered it today and surely continue to check for updates.

  2. Where can I read your The Journey Home. I have been looking everywhere.. I read it once before and I’m hanging out to read it once again.. Please help.. By the way I’m currently reading Emergence and it is a fantastic read.. Thankyou for sharing your works.
    Thanks lyn

  3. Nice site!!! Totally impressed!!! Can’t wait till you get some more things up!! i adore you’re writting sooo much!!!

  4. I am enjoying this story and your future projects look very interesting

  5. Wow, it’s a great lokking website. I’m happy I finally found it and will check it reguarly because I’m addictet to your Emergence. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi!
    Where I can’t find “The Journey Home”?
    Please help me!

    • It’ll be here on the site starting tomorrow. I’ll be posting over the next couple weeks.

  7. Hello, I was just wondering if you were still planning on uploading The Journey Home anytime soon? Thank you for your time.

  8. Can’t wait to read the The Journey Home.

  9. love your story

  10. Awesome site Jilly. 馃檪

    I can’t wait for The Journey Home to start appearing. I loved your Tony/Jack pairing and can’t wait to see how they fare in the future. Good luck on your #NaNo.

  11. I’m reading “Visionary” on Rough Trade, and am absolutely loving it. Just signing up here to find it again once Keira clears the site.

    • I’m going to post some stuff from the next book in Visionary for Evil Author Day, and I’ll be providing a link to the existing content, so even though it won’t be ‘finished’ it’ll be findable 馃槈

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Cool! (And now I’m wondering why I never saw your reply … or if I did, why I’ve forgotten. Surely I’m not THAT senile yet?)

        Ah — forgot to tick the boxes below, I guess! So I’m mildly senile … or just an idiot. 馃槈

  12. Pointed here from NCIS fic finders. I loved your story Emergence and will be checking up for other stories in my favourite fandoms :). Can’t wait to see more!

  13. Wow, I just left a message on your old site thanking you for sharing your wonderful story Emergence. I feel honoured to read such creativity and cannot wait to read more chapters.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi Just found your site. Where can I read your the Journey home story at ?

  15. Loved reading Emergence. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  16. elizabeth simpson

    have followed emergence since I read it on rough trade . when are you going to continue this interesting series

    • I’ll pick up writing on Emergence as soon as I finish posting Journey Home. Journey is done and I want to get it up. Thanks.

  17. Congrats on the new website. Looks lovely.
    I wish you the best (life, love and health).

  18. I love your take on the soul bond. So many awesome stories came out of that challenge and Rough Trade in general.

    And I really, really can’t wait toe Jack & Tony and DRAGONS!!

    • Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the world building for the soulmate challenge. I hope to get to that story in the near future.

  19. This is so pretty, i like a lot the easy way to surf and the scrolling categories.

  20. I’m not poking. I just wanted you to know I just found this story and stayed up to 2 am on a work night and am currently running around my room doing the Kermit flail and squeeeing like a thirteen year old. I didn’t know I had this kind of energy at my age. I can’t wait for more, and I hope you have another story in the what I hope is a series.

    Your newest fangirl

  21. Just read The Journey Home on AO3 and loved it. Followed your profile link here and can’t wait to read more. Loved your expansion of the spirit planes and prides.
    Also like your Harry/Lucius fanfic.
    Basically think I’m gonna love them all

  22. I’m really enjoying The Journey Home! I got up to the sixth chapter on the computer, then realized I could just DL the file to read on my Kindle, so much easier. Can’t wait to see what the heck happens next: it’s a compelling plot. I found your site via Keira’s Rough Trade site.

  23. Help The ePub file won’t open after it’s downloaded.

    • I assume you mean for the Journey Home? I just tested it and have no issue. Last time this happened it was a problem, oddly enough, with the reader’s network connection and it was corrupting the file during download. I can try sending you a zipped copy of the epub and see if that makes a difference. Please use the contact form on my main page to send me your email address.

  24. Hey there! I just thought I should pop over here and tell you how much I love your fics, and that I cant wait to see if you produce anymore! I’m in love with the worlds you build in a relatively short amount of words. I don’t know if this is something you an interest in, but I couldn’t resist making cover art for your fic emergence. Please let me know if it is okay to publish it! 馃檪

    • Hi. Thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback, and art is always a lovely gift. I can’t imagine I wouldn’t be okay with it, but would like to have a look at it first, if you don’t mind. You can email me at And if you’re agreeable, I can also put it up with my other art. Thanks again!

  25. I am very excited by this very concept. 馃榾 I can’t wait to read it!!

  26. Jilly I love your background picture, did you make it? <3

  27. hello! just wanted to say i just saw your post about slytherin black and i’m super excited to read it! I was wondering if there’s going to be any sort of romantic ship for sirius in this fic? not sure if you’re answering questions about works that you haven’t posted yet, but i figured i’d give it a try. i really love all of your writing, especially emergence, and i’m looking forward to this new work from you :DDD

    • Generally, I don’t answer questions about RT projects while they’re in process, but since I disclose it in the project file… yes, there will be a romantic end game for Sirius.

      Thanks for the kind words 馃檪

  28. Out of curiosity do you have a timeframe for posting “Slytherin Bkack” here? I wasn’t able to reread it before it was taken off Rough Trade.

    • I’m not sure at this time. I hope to do it some time this year, but it all depends up on how my firm commitments go, since I’m working this around those.

  29. Hey there i love all your stories with DiNozzo, there is never enough. Especially the Sentinel/Guide ones ^^ or the Crossovers with Marvel

    Do you think you’ll make another one ? (Since Capt America is out, i’m also a fan of Barnes ^^)

  30. Will you be adding” If Found, Please Return” to this site? I love this story. And will there be a sequel?

    • It will be on my site after I edit it and send it to beta. I do not have a schedule for that yet.

      I have a sequel plotted, but I may never get to it, so I’m not making any promises.

  31. Beautiful site! Your stories are so good and i love your vision of tony as i see him that way too. So glad MW went on to better things. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. Katie

  32. I went looking for you this evening on AO3 and you were gone. Luckily I charged on and found this site. I’ve always loved your works and am glad I will be able to continue enjoying what you so beautifully write for us. Thanks!!! RhondaB

  33. I’m excited to keep track of you here and maybe read some of the fics I haven’t read before (because I tend to just follow NCIS and CM on AO3)

  34. Just found your stories and really really loving them. Now subscribed to updates and loving the ebook format for reading offline on tablet :).

  35. Are there tags I try to be careful about what I read.

    • I use tags on my site for pairings, but there are warnings on my CM stories in the header just like there are on every other story on my site. If warnings being in a tag cloud are necessary for you to determine if a story is suitable, I suggest some other site.

  36. Angelique H Handke

    I just love your writing all of it.

  37. You had me worried because I used to follow you on AO3 and I went back to read your stories again and I could find them.

  38. Just to let you know that I really enjoy your stories and that you are a favourite author of mine. Thank you for many hours of happy reading.

  39. Jilly, is “Primus” posted on the site?

  40. You are, by far and away, my favourite author!!

    I was going to write a whole long thing professing my undying love for you, but I didn’t want it to get weird…

  41. Okay, I’m feeling blind here. I’m more of a Jilly James fan than an NCIS fic fan (although I do like NCIS), and there’s a story that’s bugging me. It’s Gibbs/Tony, and Tony puts his foot down about behavior in the MCRT. The result is a doubled team with 2 Coleads. You see some time with the working team and sorting out the growing pains.
    Have I lost my mind ?

    • That sounds like Intuitive. Check my evil author day page. I’m mobile so it’s not easy to get the link.

  42. I really enjoy your works. Especially the Tony-centric works.

  43. Hey there
    Just wanted to Tell how much I love Reading your Stories. I was having a great time?
    Thank you

  44. James, I love your writing… first read Emergence on Archive of Our Own. read a few other of your stories and love them all. Just went back to re read Emergence only to find that you are no longer on Archive. Thankfully I found it here. Hope that you keep writing. Thanks for the good reads.

  45. Hi Jilly–Love your stories. Every few months I would go back to re-read them. Have my favorite of course. But here is a thought. All you your stories seemed open ended. Example: Vicious & De Novo. I kept waiting for more.

    • Vicious is open ended by design as I plan a sequel to get through their bonding and the plot with Roberts. De Novo is complete as it is. What people perceive as open ended is just their own curiosity about what happens when Gibbs comes back, but that doesn’t make the story open ended. It just means they’re curious about the fallout of the changes Tony made. I do plan a sequel for De Novo, but I don’t feel the story is remotely unfinished.

      Other stories that are complete:
      If Found, Please Return
      Death of Silence
      Option C
      All Your Reasons
      Everything They Said

      I may write more on these stories or leave them as they are. But they are complete the way they are. Just because a reader thinks I could tell more stories in that verse doesn’t mean the story is incomplete. I could look at any story I’ve enjoyed reading and say the author could write more in the verse. So what? That doesn’t mean the story isn’t finished. There are only two stories on my site that I think *need* a sequel and Vicious is one of them.

  46. I had read your stories on AO3 and when they vanished, I searched and was fortunate to find this site. Read everything NCIS you have posted, and enjoyed all of it immensely. I have read If Found, Please Return an embarrassing number of times, it is such a good story, I keep going back and re-reading it. Thank you for the hours of reading pleasure you have provided, and I am looking forward to anything else you may share with us. I am also a fan of Lady Ra’s and have read some of her stories so often I practically have them memorized. Was delighted to see you list her as one of your favorites as well.

  47. How is the sequel to The Journey Home going? I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    • It’s still in process. This year has been good for writing but not so great for being able to finish/edit/post. such is life sometimes.

  48. Do you know when you’ll be posting slytherin black ? I have been waiting eagerly for it. You write beautiful stories keep writting:)

  49. Some more of Tony DiNozzo/Bruce Banner & the Hulk, crossover between The Avengers and NCIS, Sentinel Fusion

  50. I have lost track of how many tines I have read If Found please return. It鈥檚 one of my favorite stories ever. I just read it twice today. I think you captured the emotions of everyone involved and it just gets to me. Just wanted to let you know that.

  51. I’m sorry if I’m just stupid or having browser issues, but I see no links on the NCIS page. I do see some on the Sentinel page, for example. Have they been taken down or is something else going on? I’d really love to re-read De Novo…

  52. I am not finding links to your NCIS stories on this page. Am I missing something? I got an email about the newest chapter of Emergence, but I can’t find the rest of the story and your others. Please help this reader 馃檪

    • You got an email about a new chapter of Emergence? That’s confusing since I haven’t updated Emergence. You can find the links to all stories under the fiction menu.

  53. hola acabo de reencontrarme con tu para y quiero agradecer a ti, laydi ra y keira por crear historias tan hermosas que permitieron sumergirme tan intensamente y olvidar por unos momentos la muerte de mis padres cuatro a帽os atr谩s, ustedes y la ayuda de mi psic贸loga me permiti贸 salir del vac铆o de la depresi贸n y el enojo por las circunstancias de su muerte. as铆 que gracias desde el fondo de mi coraz贸n.
    Me preguntaba si alg煤n d铆a completar铆as la segunda parte de emergence solo que ahora lo leere por la pasi贸n de deleitarmecon sus historias

  54. Your site says that the stories are on the links below, but I am not finding the links. I like your writing, and was reading your stories on AO3, but I can’t see them on this site 馃檨

    • the fandom pages have a glitch right now. There’s an alphabetical list under the fiction menu.

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