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Story Info

Title: Sentry
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: MCU, NCIS
Genre: Crossover, Drama, First Time, Science Fiction
Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Thor, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Canon-level Violence, Kidnapping, Torture and Graphic Violence, Medical Experimentation, Mentions of Hate Crime/Hate Speech (because Hydra)
Author Note: Torture and Graphic Violence are limited to one scene early on. See Notes Tab for POV and character-related issues.
Challenge: Originally created for Rough Trade / NaNoWriMo November 2018 (Not Quite Human thematic challenge), and finished for WIP Big Bang 2021.
Timeline: Takes place after Iron Man 3 but before Agents of SHIELD
Beta: The dance of destiny with Grammarly.
Artist: AngelicInsanity. Cover art and all chapter banners were created by Angelic. Thank you so much!
Word Count: ~103,500
Summary: When Steve Rogers disappeared into the ice, Peggy Carter considered it her duty to stand watch over the daughter Steve never knew he had. She watched from a distance, ensuring Steve’s legacy was safe, extending her watch to Steve’s grandson.

As her mental faculties declined, she charged the only person she truly trusted, Phil Coulson, to continue her vigil. Project codename: Sentry.

When Tony DiNozzo vanishes off the streets of DC, Phil forces Fury to take him to see Steve Rogers so they can enlist the aid of the Avengers in finding Steve’s grandson.


Author Notes

A Note About the Warnings:
Torture and Graphic Violence are limited to one scene early on. There are other mentions of torture, but nothing specific (because…Hydra).

Point of View & Names:
POV is a pain in the ass when there are two Tonys in a story. My POV characters are Tony DiNozzo and Steve Rogers, and that is all.

In DiNozzo’s POV, he refers to himself as “Tony” and Tony Stark as “Stark.” Though he does occasionally address Tony Stark as “Tony,” but that’s in dialogue only.

In Rogers POV, he refers to DiNozzo as “Anthony” and Tony Stark as “Tony.”

Characters & Bashing:
I really didn’t like the direction they took Steve Rogers in the MCU franchise. This story, in part, is an attempt to put him on a different path before he goes completely off the ethical rails. Getting to Steve before the events in Winter Soldier and fixing things is the only way I can conceive of him and Stark in a relationship together.

As for Natasha Romanoff and Nick Fury… Neither comes off particularly well here, but they’re not villains. They both have their own agenda, and Nick Fury in particular tends to think he’s right no matter the cost. I don’t perceive that I’ve bashed either of them, but you may.

Scarlet Witch doesn’t come up in this story at all but, in my heart, I’m bashing the fuck out of her. Take that for what you will.

There is a bit of inspiration taken from the Marvel character named Sentry for Tony’s abilities, but it’s only loose inspiration, and Tony DiNozzo is not intended to be the Marvel Comics character Sentry.

This was the original art I created for Rough Trade in 2018. Yes, that’s Deadpool’s body I stuck DiNozzo’s head on. Some color adjustments were obviously made.


  1. Can I make a confession? I have been looking for this story on and off for at least a year! I couldn’t remember where I’d read it, just that I knew I’d read something with Tony D as Steve’s grandson! THANK YOU!! I wasn’t going insane, I did read it! Off to read it again.

  2. I literally screeched in happiness when I saw that you posted this. I’ve been dying to see it again. Love it so much. Thank you!

  3. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m so damn excited. This is not just a Tony DiNozzo fic, it’s a Tony DiNozzo fic written by you. You are my favorite Tony DiNozzo author and I can’t wait to dive into what I’m sure will be a wonderful story. See you on the other side. *happy wiggling*

  4. *screeches wildly in excitement*

  5. This story was awesome! I am so glad you found the inspiration to finish it. This made my day.

  6. You have no idea how happy to see that you had posted something with Tony DiNozzo in it. Even without Tony everything you write is so perfect and so much fun to read. Thank you so so much for sharing this fic with us.

  7. I love it, thank you so much for this story! You are my favorite Tony DiNozzo-Writer and this time your work is superb! The snark and interaction between the two Tonys is a work of art and I am so glad that you wrote it and we get to read it, I can’t find the words to tell you how happy this makes me. It’s absolutely wonderful! And the way you write the charakters here is so rewarding: Tony Stark is a multifaceted, experienced and highly intelligent being and finally somebody writes him this way (well, of course there are others out there but in many fics he is reduced to behavior that just doesn’t compute). Plus, I like what you did with Steve. The MCU made me hate him in the later movies, but this idea of an early personal development (and overdue education) redeems him a little. Lovely application of psychology as well! Fantastic work overall, I only wish I had some more of it left to read (greedy me read half the night and is sadly already finished)

  8. This was so many kinds of awesome. I can only hope for a sequel.

  9. So very happy to see this. It consumed my Friday in the best possible way. DiNozzo and the MCU, so much fun.

  10. Thank you. I enjoy your work immensely, and even more so when it features Tony Dinozzo.

  11. Serious kudos, I love your work, and mind!

    I’ve only read Chs 1-3, but….

    Did Doc Johnson make him into a vibrator?

  12. I had a migraine, so I thought I’d read enough to know if I wanted to continue with it. The next day, still with a migraine, I’m here to tell you what a wonderful adventure this was. The two Tonys played off each other very well, Steve was just the right amount of befuddled, and Thor (for once in a fanfic) actually came across as a real live boy. So many portray him as a one-dimensional, clueless god with a short temper. You gave him a range seldom seen.

    All in all, this was as lovely and captivating a story as I’ve ever read by you. Thank you so very much for sharing it.

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