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Journey Home and Dead Air – Why it’s not okay to tell me I can’t use canon in my fanon.

What Fresh Hell Is This? – I tried menstrual cups. It didn’t go well. This is my (fairly explicit) recounting of the event. The page is password protected, to make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you’ve read all this, and want to proceed, the password is psycho


Hidden Effect of Fandom – Why fandom itself can have a negative impact when we internalize a common perception to the degree it inhibits our own writing.


Common Problems in Anal Sex Scenes – from a list provided by a couple guy friends who read a bunch of slash, and written up by me.

Pitfalls of Pantsing – The pitfalls of extemporaneous writing versus the more conventional method of pre-plotting and outlining


  1. I enjoyed your essay on Pantsing and found it clearly stated some of the issues I’m having with it. i wanted to read the essay on Common Problems in Anal Sex Scenes but the link appears to be broken. Have you taken that one down or will it be available in the future when you might have time to work on your website? I really appreciate that you share your insight and experience on your non-fiction page, and hope you will post more here when you have the time. Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle, The post is now password protected. The password is “blow me” (without the quotes). I realize it’s odd to put the password in a public response, but the post is based on the insights of two of my male friends, who have a lot of experience, and their reaction to the sex scenes in fanfiction. I got burned out on the emails telling me how people didn’t agree. Obviously not everyone’s sex experiences will be the same. This is but two of them. But you’re welcome to read it. Take care.

  2. What Fresh Hell Is This had me in tears – I was laughing so hard my husband finally asked me what I was reading. I have never tried this device, but I could definitely see myself having a similar experience. I did try a cervical cap for birth control in one of my more Earth Mother moments (before kids). It did not go well. Thanks so much for the laugh. ???

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