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21 March – Everybody Knows – MCU. Gen. 5,000

19 March – Choices – SGA. John/Rodney, Sentinel Fusion ~3,300

17 March – An Unusual Malady – The Hobbit. pre-Thorin/Bilbo ~2,200

17 March – Jurisdiction – H50/NCIS. Steve McGarrett/Tony DiNozzo ~4,300

14 March – Intervention – SGA. Gen, Pre-slash ~3,300

10 March – Perspective – MCU. Gen, Pre-slash ~3,600

7 March – Stick Around – MCU, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion. Tony Stark/Tony DiNozzo ~24,000

3 March – There’s new stuff over on the In Short page!


16 March – Adaptable – Teen Wolf, John/Claudia, future Derek/Stiles ~6,100


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I provide eBooks of my some of my finished stories, and you’re welcome to download them for your personal use. Please do not post my eBooks to other public sites. I’ll be very vexed if you do. My internet spouse is a hit minion troll. Seriously, you don’t want to annoy me.

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How adult are my stories? Assume everything is Adult. I don’t want anyone underage reading my stuff. Not even the very G Teen Wolf ficlet.

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