The Big Short



Rough Trade launched a writing challenge forum on The Workshop called The Big Short. It’s an area for short-story responses to either one-word thematic prompts, or exploring a specific character.

This is the master post with links to all my short stories.

All thematic stories are 500 to 1,000 words. All character-based stories are 1,000 to 2,000 words. None of them are beta’d. Variety of fandoms, central characters, pairings and gen fic. I write in Microsoft Word and rely on it to tell me my final word count. Programs can vary in how they determine what a word is. So don’t go pasting my story into gdocs and then write to tell me my word count is off. Seriously.

None of the stories are connected to each other, nor are they connected to any of my other works. Though, sometimes I may use worldbuilding or themes from other fic I’ve written. Also, it’s possible a Big Short story may inspire a longer work.

Aside from the Workshop itself, these will only ever exist on my website.

  • They are complete as is.

  • They are unconnected.

  • There will not be sequels or new “chapters”.

  • They are not up for adoption

  • They are not prompts for other writers. (They are a response to a prompt.)

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