In Short

This is the master post for all my short stories under 5,000 words. Some of the prompts come from the Workshop on Rough Trade. Others come from our writing server on Discord. And still others are self-prompted in some fashion.

None of them are beta’d. There are a variety of fandoms, central characters, relationships, and gen fic. I write in Microsoft Word and rely on it to tell me my final word count. Programs can vary in how they determine what a word is. So don’t go pasting my story into gdocs and then write to tell me my word count is off. Seriously. (Yes, that happened.)

None of the stories are connected to each other, nor are they connected to any of my other works. I may sometimes use worldbuilding, themes, or characters from another fic I’ve written. I may even write fanfic of my own work. Also, it’s possible a short story may inspire a longer work.

  • They are complete as is.
  • There is no plan for sequels or new “chapters.”
  • None of my stories are up for adoption, including the short ones.
  • They are a response to a prompt, not a prompt themselves.
  • If you find inspiration in them, that’s great, but please write your own thing rather than continuing mine.

Where Keira Marcos and I write from the same, specific prompt. 2,000 – 5,000 words.

Perspective – MCU (Gen, hints of future Dom/Tony Stark)

Intervention – SGA (Gen, future John/Rodney)

Jurisdiction – H50/NCIS (Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett #mothership)

An Unusual Malady – The Hobbit (pre-Thorin/Bilbo)

Choices – SGA (John/Rodney, SG AU)

Everybody Knows – MCU (Gen)

The link to the prompt is to the Rough Trade Workshop, so you can see the image that inspired the story and read other answers to the prompt. You’ll have to be logged in over on Rough Trade in order to see any content on the Workshop.

The forum for Thursday Vignettes and Monthly Drabbles on the Rough Trade Workshop.

These stories are 500 – 2,000 words.

PerishablePrompt – NCIS/MCU (hints of future Tony/Vanessa/Wade Wilson)
AlohaPrompt – Hawaii Five-0/NCIS (future Steve/Tony #mothership)
When the Dust SettlesPrompt – NCIS (gen)

Short-story responses exploring a specific character. These stories are 1,000 – 2,000 words.

Short-story responses to one-word thematic prompts on the Workshop. These stories are 500 – 1,000 words.

Various other works of mine where the word count is under 5,000 words.

Where the Spirit Leads – Teen Wolf, Sentinel Fusion (Derek/Stiles)

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