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Public comments can be left on any page on my site, but if you’d prefer to contact me privately, please use the form below. This is not an invitation to be an asshole in private. Please do not write me to nitpick errors or gripe at me about not updating. Both are likely to result in less writing, not more.


NOTICE: My completed works are on this site or the Quantum Bang site archive. I have a few WIPs on the Evil Author Day DreamWidth community (see my EAD page for additional info), some previews on the RT Forum, and I do writing challenges a few times a year on Rough Trade, which come and go when new challenges are announced. I sometimes post experimental things to The Wild Hare Project. If the story isn’t here or on the Quantum Bang, that means it’s not finished. There is no other place to find my completed works.

If you found my works (including eBooks) on a site other than those mentioned, I’d really like to know about it. And, no, I’m not in the habit of shooting the messenger.


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