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I love to get feedback from my readers, and I treasure every positive comment, even if it’s simply a, “loved it!” I realize author entitlement is a real thing and some authors are asshats about not getting ‘good enough’ feedback, or a sufficient quantity of comments, but that’s not me. I will never troll you for feedback or hold my story hostage for lack of it. I post when I’m ready, and feedback, or lack thereof, doesn’t affect my timeline.

But any kind of positive feedback is a joy and very welcomed and appreciated.

Negative Feedback and Flames:

Not interested. If you want to flame me or bash my story or question my choices… I don’t want to hear it. This is my site, and your comments will get trashed. You shouldn’t be on my site if you’re not an adult, and as an adult, you should have a modicum of restraint and be skilled enough to use the back button when you’re not enjoying yourself.

Constructive Criticism:

I don’t accept concrit from people I haven’t invited into my process. They know who they are, and I trust them to give me feedback that’s useful and productive. I’m not interested in hearing from anyone else with critique.

People think concrit is pointing out a typo. It’s not.

Unless there’s a mistake that totally messed the story up, like copy/paste went awry and a bunch of stuff is missing, pointing out errors is actually counterproductive.


If you’re lost in my story for whatever reason, feel free to ping me. If your questions are about where the story’s going or what my plans are. I won’t answer those, so save your time.


I realize that folks think asking me when something is coming is a way of telling me they like the story, and I really do get that. But I ask that you consider what it would be like to have fifty people ask you when your ‘whatever’ is going to be done. It’s overwhelming and can be really counter to productivity.

This is fine: “I’m so looking forward to more in this verse.”

This makes my stomach clench in a way that’s not good for creativity. “When will you have more of this story?”

And finally, a comment on warnings:

Out of courtesy, I always warn for things like rape, torture, character death, graphic violence and the like. This is because I don’t want people getting triggered by my story. My most common warning on this site is canon-level violence.

But I will not chase down every tweaky thing that segments of fandom care about.

Also, this is my website, not a site with content tags. I don’t do content tags. Warnings, Author Notes, and a Summary are what you’ve got to work with. The Categories on this site are fandom or series, and the tags are pairings.

If I tell you spoilers through X-season, everything in those seasons is fair game. If I tell you the pairing is Jack/Tony, I’m not going to tell you who’s doing the bottoming. You’d be safer assuming that everyone will be taking it up the ass than to assume a particular character won’t.

Seriously, do not ping me to tell me you don’t like that I didn’t “warn” that Jack is getting fucked. It infuriates me.


  1. I am having a very difficult time getting recognized by your blog, precisely, the gift story. I have registered (for the second time and established a password but I seem to be a non-entity. Help me please

    • Hi. I’m not sure what you mean by you registered. Registered with what? My site isn’t set up for registrants at this time. Are you registered with WordPress?

      As for the PW post, that’s being reviewed at this time and will be unlocked at a later date. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I’m just wondering if you are doing OK because your last monthly status update was a while ago. Not begging for stories since I will gladly accept anything you write whenever you may post it (or weep softly in a corner if or when you decide that you are moving on from fanfiction), but since you used to keep us fans up to date fairly regularly I’m a bit worried that something happened or that you aren’t fine. Basically any sign of life would be much appreciated, thank you!

  3. After sending my comment on the miserable crap you’ve had to put up with very recently is awaiting moderation, I just had to check out the link for “And here’s why I moderate.” This is just a quick laugh sent your way for the last line of the second last paragraph. The comment that we should all assume everyone’s taking it up the ass, etc… The pure beauty of that bluntness caught me off guard and gave me a hearty laugh. Thanks for a quick shot in the “humor bone.” And no, that’s not a poke at “everyone taking it up the ass.”…. Oh, god lord, from bad to worse….

  4. It is sad that you had to leave AO3, but I understand your reasoning. Putting a person’s imagination and creativity down is rude and inconsiderate. I am just glad you will continue to post them on your site. I will admit, you are one of my favorite fanfiction authors. I think your stories are marvelous and would love to see a continuation of several of them. They are well written and well thought out. Many thanks for your stories, they have given me many hours of enjoyment.

  5. Did you know your landing page isn’t loading?

  6. Would love more Vicious series, please!

  7. absolulely loved unobstructed view

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