Digital Art by Jilly

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I don’t do much digital art, but it seemed like a natural evolution from wanting art for my fic. I also do banners for friends and occasionally for stories that just inspire me.

My first art was for Emergence for NaNo 2013, and stressed me the hell out. It took me hours and it was terrible. I vowed no more! Except I then signed up for Rough Trade in April 2014 and needed to do it again. It was a little better, but not by much. I vowed off digital art again.

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When Rough Trade in April 2015 came around, I decided to try doing my own art again and spent two weeks watching photoshop videos in order two produce my two RT banners, plus create art for Emergence. Then I added art for two more Rough Trade participants, and things have snowballed from there.

Gallery for April 2015 Rough Trade
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Gallery for July 2015 Rough Trade

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Gallery for November 2015 Rough Trade / NaNoWriMo

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Non-challenge Art. Sometimes I just want to do art for a story!

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Art for other challenges: Bangs, Big Bangs, Extreme Big Bangs, Reverse Bangs, Reverse Big Bangs (all kinds of bangs). Plus Secret Santa and other fun stuff.

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eBook Cover Art

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  1. Barrie Brinkley

    I noticed the beautiful banner for Everything They Said. Is there a story that goes with it? If so I would love to read it. Where can I find it?

    • This is one of my writing projects for July 2015 Rough Trade, so it hasn’t been written yet. It’ll be up on my site in August.

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