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  1. Just wanted to commend you on such fantastic writing. Your take on AU/bonding (both with the Sentinel elements and the dragons) is creative enough on its own, but you also manage to *write* so well — the mechanics, plot, characterization, all of it. It’s pretty addictive. Any chance you are into Avengers/MCU? I’m dying for a Clint/Coulson Sentinel/bonding AU fic on the level of your writing.

    • Hi. I moved your comment because I’m going to be deleting that post, and didn’t want you to get lost.

      I do read a lot of Avengers/MCU, and I love Clint/Phil. I have some plot bunnies that aren’t quite fully formed yet, but there’s definitely potential for me writing there.

      Thanks for the lovely comments. Hope you enjoy .

  2. Hey I have a question, are you planning on writing a sequel to Emergence at anytime?

    • The start of the sequel is on my evil author day page on Dreamwidth. Check the EAD page.

      • I can’t find you …
        I hope you post the sequel on this website …

        • The instructions for viewing EAD stories on are on the Evil Author Day page. Reader requests have never induced me to post. If you’d like to read what there is of the sequel, you’ll need a dreamwidth account and to join our EAD community.

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