I hesitated to even include recs on my website, because I don’t want anyone to feel slighted if I haven’t recommended their work. But, in the end, this is my space, so…

The tabs contain a very tiny subset of the stories I truly think are great. These are just a few that impacted me deeply for some reason. Perhaps they incepted me into a fandom or maybe introduced me to an amazing author. They may have made me cry, or laugh or rail at the moon. Some of them I could only bear to read once, and some I read over and over and over again.

There are no WIPs on this page. One of my favorite NCIS stories ever is a WIP, but I decided to only rec completed works. There are also no recs to stories that are locked in some way (I don’t consider site registration a lock, but if you have to jump through hoops or get approved on a friends list, I won’t put the rec on this page). I don’t count pure fusions as a crossover, so bear that in mind if my organization doesn’t make sense.

(as of the moment this page was created, I only had a few on here. The list will grow.)

More soon…

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Authors I’d recommend. Coming soon.



Airman Harris by LitGal (also at TTH if you want downloadable) – BtVS, Stargate SG-1 x-over (Xander/Daniel)

Why? LitGal is one of my favorite writers. She worships the geeks, and I do love me some geek. But the reason I recommend this story above all others is because of Jack. She writes the best Jack voice I’ve ever run across. This story is as much about Jack’s evolving mentor relationship with Xander as it is about Xander/Daniel. All the character voices are rich, and the story is paced beautifully. You don’t need to know much about either fandom to follow the story (though if you know nothing at all about either, it could be an odd fit for you).

Note: this story has the aliens made them do it trope. Everyone on base is horny and fucking due to the influence of an alien device. It’s the first scene. If that kind of trope bugs you, skip this.

Macavity by Lady Ra – NCIS, The Avengers (Tony/Gibbs, Clint/Phil)

You can’t go wrong with anything of Lady Ra’s, but this is by far my favorite. For starters, it’s Tony-centric, which I love. Then it’s original, and well paced, and the characterizations are lovely, and the relationship is beautiful, and and and… It’s pretty much perfect in every way. Add in Clint/Phil and it’s something I re-read a LOT.

It Sounds Uncommon Nonsense by travelinthedark, Criminal Minds, Psych (Hotch/Reid, Lassiter/Shawn)

The story is primarily about Hotch/Reid getting together, and Shawn Spencer plays a role in nudging them along. The writer’s voice for Shawn Spencer is outstanding. Knowledge of Psych isn’t necessary for the story, though you’ll better appreciate the excellent characterization work if you know the show. There’s a serial killer case so there’s some discussion of violence and murder.

Altering Destiny Series by Shadeshifter, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS (Steve McGarrett/Tony DiNozzo)

This was the story that turned me on to Steve/Tony, which is my favorite pairing ever. It’s worth reading anything by Shadeshifter, but this is my favorite of hers. There is some canon-level violence.


The only pairing I’m interested in is Will/Hannibal. Mind the warnings.

Blackbird by emungere

Consenting to Dream by emungere

Taken for Rubies by emungere

Separately to a Wood by emungere

With a Crown of Stars by thehoyden

The Fox’s Wedding by thehoyden

Come Around Again… by hito

Melanistic Variations by Sunryder

Provenance by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite



It’s all about Tony for me. I started reading Tony/Gibbs in my early NCIS days, but I actually prefer Tony with other characters. Usually men. The Mothership is Tony/Steve McGarrett.

Soul Deep by Xanthe – His Dark Materials Fusion (Tony/Gibbs)

Why? Probably one of the best love stories I’ve ever read. It’s beautifully crafted, and the fusion with His Dark Materials is brilliant. The way Xanthe writes Tony in this story is one of my favorite portrayals. It’s slow build, but it’s so worth it.

Macavity by Lady Ra – NCIS, The Avengers (Tony/Gibbs, Clint/Phil)

You can’t go wrong with anything of Lady Ra’s, but this is by far my favorite. For starters, it’s Tony-centric, which I love. Then it’s original, and well paced, and the characterizations are lovely, and the relationship is beautiful, and and and… It’s pretty much perfect in every way. Add in Clint/Phil and it’s something I re-read a LOT. I rec’d it under Crossovers since it’s both NCIS and MCU centric, but it belongs on my NCIS list, too. I’ll put any Tony-centric fics here.

The Chronicles of Riddick

I have an OTP in this fandom. Riddick/Vaako.

Right Hand by LittleMouse – (Riddick/Vaako)

There’s not enough of this pairing out there. This story is my go-to for when I need a fix. It’s quite different from any other fic I’ve read in that fandom and is a take on both their characterizations that I really enjoy. Picks up pretty much right after the Chronicles of Riddick, and ignores anything subsequent in canon.

Harry Potter

My ships are broad in HP. I tend to prefer Harry/Draco fics, but have enjoyed many other pairings in the HP fandom. My writing perferences in HP are dramatically different from my reading preferences.

Polished Stone by Original Tempus – (Harry/Draco pre-slash)

One of my favorite tropes is intelligent, independent and thoughtful Harry. It totally bums me out when an author explores this characterization and yet doesn’t explore changes to canon. That’s NOT an issue with this lovely story. Original Tempus manages the ripples of this characterization masterfully. It’s a beautiful work. Arc 1 focuses on first year and is finished, so that’s what’s linked. There’s at least a start on Arc 2. What are you waiting for? Go read!

Birth of the Serpent King by Keira Marcos – (Harry/Draco)

This is one of the first stories I read by Keira, and it’s one of my favorite HP stories of all time. I love independent, strong, thoughtful Harry, and this story is pretty much how I like to see him characterized. The relationship with Draco evolves beautifully. This story pretty much converted me to Harry/Draco ship. She has an eBook version available, but you’ll need to register for her site to download it.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

The Rebirth of Bilbo Baggins by Starkindler – (mostly gen, eventual Bilbo/Kili)

First off, *sniffle*. I can’t read this story without crying. Multiple times. It’s not that it’s sad, it’s just… well… feels. It’s a different take on the fix-it AU. Bilbo dies in the BotFA and is reborn (none of that is a spoiler, it right in the title and summary). It’s eventually Kili/Bilbo, but most of the story is young Bilbo’s journey. Even if it’s not your ship, give it a try, because it’s awesome. Also, all of Starkindler’s fics are great, this just happens to be my favorite.

The Oak and the Ash by Sunryder – Sentinel Fusion (Thorin/Bilbo)

I love sentinel fusions, and this surprised me by being one of my favorites of that genre, because I didn’t expect to like The Hobbit fused with The Sentinel. But it’s dynamite. It’s an AU where Thorin comes online when Smaug attacks and calls out for his guide. Guess who that is? It’s a beautiful story from start to finish and all the characters are well drawn. Even if you aren’t terribly familiar with The Sentinel, you should have no problems following this story. (side note: the casting for Elladan and Elrohir have become my head canon, dammit.)

An Ode to Broken Things by Wizards_Pupil – (Bilbo/Thorin)

This story was a tear-jerker for me. Bilbo has a bad heart and lives with Gandalf. Heading to see an elven healer, they journey along with thirteen dwarves headed for Erebor. I haven’t run across anything else quite like it in the fandom, and I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. I did a complete 180 on this story. Bilbo’s bucket list will break your heart, so keep the tissues handy.

The Good Earth series by The Feels Whale – (Bilbo/Thorin)

Cabbage Patch Dwobbits. Need I say anything else? I love everything about this story. I don’t want to give spoilers, but it’s a great read. (I had mentioned above that I won’t recommend WIPs. This is a series, and the last book in the series is unfinished. Because at least one book is done, I’m okay with listing it.)

Star Trek AOS

Star Trek: AOS

Tangled Destines by Keira Marcos – (Kirk/Spock)

I don’t read much in this fandom, but after reading Tangled Destines I’m reconsidering. Keira has a way of bringing the characters to life and giving them new dimension that is just riveting. And it’s my head-canon for Kirk. Plus her Amanda is everything I want a female character to be; totally bad ass, but still authentically female. You don’t need to know Star Trek to follow this story, so don’t let an unfamiliar fandom get in your way of the hours of fun you’ll have with this fic.

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate: Atlantis

Wraith Killers by Lady Ra – (John/Rodney)

My favorite SGA story. Because… Tigers! As I mentioned above, Lady Ra is just stellar no matter what she writes, but if I could recommend only one of her SGA, it’d have to be this one. I love her other stories and crossovers with the Stargate franchise as well. Tigers!!

The Lantean Legacy by Keira Marcos – (John/Rodney)

I knew when I put this page up, I’d pick a Keira story for SG:A. The hard part is picking which one! Keira has an amazing selection of SG:A stories, but I dithered and flip-flopped until I settled on this one for my SG:A pick. Why? It’s hands down the best exploration of the sentient!Atlantis trope, which is a favorite of mine. The characterizations are lovely and the pacing is wonderful.

Human Nature by Keira Marcos – (John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel)

DADT is repealed and Atlantis base goes through some changes. Warnings for some violence and homophobia.

The Sentinel

Alyjude is my favorite author for pure Sentinel stories. She has a huge body of work for the Sentinel.

Little Black Dress

Favorite Sentinel fusion stories. Coming soon.

Teen Wolf

I really like Stiles, so it’s hard for me to imagine reading a story that doesn’t have him featured in some way, but I really enjoy a lot of the other characters as well.

All In by Claire Watson (Derek/Stiles)

And Just Forget by Claire Watson (Derek/Stiles, Magnus/Alec)

Anthracite by LupusScintilla

Proposing to Strangers by moonstalker24 (Peter/Stiles)


It’s all about Alex Krycek. I’ve read so many great X-Files stories over the years. The fandom has pretty much died, but it was an amazingly talented group of authors.

Echo Lane by Louise Wu – (Mulder/Krycek)

This story is heartbreaking. Mulder switches places with a Mulder from another reality (parallel universe, whatever you want to all it). In the other reality, instead of being enemies with Krycek, they’re in a happy relationship. It winds up being a painful view into what his life could have been if he’d made different choices. I usually only rec stories that eventually end well. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that this one ends poignantly but with hope.

In a Dark Time by A Leigh-Anne Childe – (Mulder/Krycek)

X-Files was my first fandom, so I had to include a couple of my favorites from there. I was a Krycek-centric reader, so all my X-File recs, save one, would feature him. This story is beautifully written and angsty. Very canon-focused, so probably helps to know X-Files fairly well, especially the early seasons.


  1. Have you read anything awesome lately? Any new recommendations??

    • I need to update the page with some of my old favorites—especially in the NCIS fandom. But in terms of newer stuff, I admit, I haven’t read much lately that’s knocked my socks off. 2016 wound up being the year of backing out of fics. It was kind of sad how bad my karma was in regards to selecting stories to read. Of the stories I tried last year, I’d guess that I made it to the end of less than 15% of them. There are probably some great fics that I missed, but my story-selector seems to be broken. Here’s hoping it’s better in the coming year! 😉

      ETA: I did read some good fics last year, and I don’t mean to imply that there were none, but I tend to recommend stories that are very impactful to me in some way. I may be forgetting something, though!

  2. I’m sad that you didn’t find new great fics last year. Your recommendations have really helped me a lot. I started reading The Hobbit (after being sure I wouldn’t) after reading some of Keira’s Evil Author Day pieces last year, because anything she writes is worth reading. But then I was scared to wade into that fandom because of the volume and trying to search for the gold in the dross. Your recs were great and I learned to love Hobbit stories. So thank you very much.

  3. I read “Airman Harris” yesterday and it was awesome. Thanks for recommending it!

    • I’d missed approving a few comments amongst a bunch of things I had no plans to approve and this fell through the cracks.

      Airman Harris continues to be my favorite fanfic of all time. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hey,
    Thanks for the recs.
    You write many fanfics which are all a fantastic read. AND you put a lot of work into your Website
    Very impressive.

  5. Oh man isn’t Macavity great? That whole series is in my top 10 fav fics. Your Emergence series is in there too. Thank you for your fantastic fics and such good recs too!

  6. I whole-heartedly agree with the Tangled Destinies rec. I’m a old-school Trek fan from way back, but I don’t read a lot of fic for the franchise in general, and the few I did were for DS9. I never really got the K/S (back when it was just TOS/movies I just couldn’t do it). I can see it more in AOS, but I still never went out of my way to read it, but Keira can make me give almost anything a try, and boy was that story worth it. 🙂

  7. Hi there! Ummm, I don’t know if this is allowed, but maybe I could rec a story for you? If it isn’t allowed, please feel free to delete.

    I know you super busy, but I thought maybe if you haven’t read this story yet that you might try it out once you get a break because the imagery is fan-flippin-tastic. Definitely a fave of mine because it’s such a different story.
    Teen Wolf fandom – one shot

    Snakebites and Stardust: The Birth of a Genius Loci
    by rei_c

    • It’s fine. By looking at the tags and summary, it’s not something I’d usually even click on, but I’ll put it on my list to consider if I’m ever in the mood for post-nogitsune and Noah is a bad father story (since I usually only read the former on Rec and the latter not at all. But who knows…)

  8. Would you be interested in TonyStar/DrStrange pairing? Its my OTP pairing in Marvel. Had no idea about the game universes that are included in the story. Its also Marvel/HP crossover. Buts its an awesome story for me. I’ve read it over a dozen times already.The only ex Avengers that are bashed is Rogers and Maximoff.The others are treated ok and given second chances.

    Would you or even Keira would be interested in writing Tony Stark/Dr Strange stories?

    Warden by Tahrovinlaat_Hi_Neh_Koraav

    • I like Tony/Stephen and have read several good stories with that pairing, though I don’t usually read WIPs, so I’ve never seen this before. Also, the HP crossover gives me a bit of a conceptual headache. I’ve considered a Tony/Stephen story, but I know Keira hasn’t because she doesn’t like Stephen.

      • Why doesnt keira like Stephen? Harry is the only HP character in the story as hes the Master of Death and head of the Nexus and Reapers.. My other OTP is IronStrange with a mix of Peter gaining two dads/mentors.
        Heres one, its a series of 1k to 3k stories of Tony/Stephen and Peter as their adopted son. Its an ongoing series.

        Supreme Family Chaos

        My AO3 is kentuckyStar and have a bunch IronStrange and FrostIron boomarked and in collections. Sad to say I was a STony reader until Ultron and Civil War happened and I coulodnt stomach that pairing anymore.

        • I don’t think either story is a good fit for me in that I don’t read WIPs generally. I read them on occasion on rec, but never if the WIP is more than 150k. As for the shorts…I don’t read series work in that type of length.

          I generally try not to speak for Keira, but she’s said it plainly on her own site that she thinks Stephen is a dick. While she might write him as a character, it’s unlikely she’d use him as or read him in a romantic pairing.

  9. What was the name of that one Star Trek story you mentioned a lot of podcasts back? It was Dr McCoy taking in a bunch of Vulcan children after Vulcan blew up. Was it a McCoy/Spock fic?

  10. Here’s this story:

    The Seventh Stone by Elueduen. Its actually a Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne pairing. Made sure the story was finished before rec to you. Shes actually going to a sequel. Tony forgives team Cap, except for Wanda. There is male preg, but its plausible. And i think the author did a good job on Tony’s pregency(The Batman going by the a doughnut shop drive thru at 3am after patrol, snickers)

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