Completed Stories by Title:

Adaptable (Teen Wolf — John/Claudia, pre Derek/Stiles)

All Your Reasons (The Avengers, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — Tony DiNozzo/Bruce Banner)

Alpha of Atlantis, Emergence Verse (Stargate: Atlantis — Gen)

Anomaly (Stargate: Atlantis — John/Rodney)

Choices (Stargate: Atlantis — John/Rodney, Sentinel AU)

De Novo (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs — Tony/Ian Edgerton)

Death of Silence (NCIS — Tony/Gibbs)

Emergence (NCIS, Stargate, The Sentinel — Tony/Gibbs, Daniel/Jack, Blair/Jim, Others)

Everybody Knows (MCU — Gen)

Everything They Said (Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — Tony/Steve)

Fracture (NCIS, Leverage, Sentinel Fusion — Tony/Eliot)

The Hospitality of Hobbits (The Hobbit — Thorin/Belladonna Took)

I Wasn’t Waiting for You (Criminal Minds, NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — Tony/Hotch)

…I’ll Forgive – Episode 1 of For You… Series (NCIS, Tony/OMC)

If Found, Please Return (NCIS, Stargate — Gen, John/Rodney)

Imperfect (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Sentinel Fusion — Tony/Derek Morgan)

Intervention (SGA, SG1 – Gen, future John/Rodney)

The Journey Home (NCIS, Stargate, The Sentinel, Sentinel Fusion — Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neill, Others)

Jurisdiction (H50, NCIS – Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett)

Memories (NCIS — Tony/Gibbs)

Option C (Stargate: Atlantis — John/Rodney)

Restoration (Harry Potter — Severus/Lucius)

Perspective (MCU — Gen, Pre-slash)

Stick Around (MCU, NCIS, Sentinel Fus-on – Tony DiNozzo/Tony Stark)

An Unusual Malady (The Hobbit — pre-Thorin/Bilbo)

Vicious (NCIS, Sentinel Fusion — Tony/Gibbs)

Where the Spirit Leads (Teen Wolf, Sentinel Fusion — Stiles/Derek)

< 2k short stories are available on the In Short page.


  1. Love almost all of ur stories, reading “Where the spirit leads”, always makes a bad day, so much better.

  2. Love your stories! Especially stargate ncis and sentinel crossovers are you still writing?

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