Title: Interlude
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0, NCIS
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Steve McGarrett, Jethro Gibbs
Pairing: Tony/Steve, Tony/Steve/Gibbs
Genre: Slash, mild BDSM, kink
Prompt: Anthony DiNozzo
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Things are different when Gibbs is in town.
Warnings: No beta
Author Note: Keira sorta inspired this. #CreditNotBlame

– – – –

Tony had barely walked in the door when his lover was on him, hauling him close and claiming his mouth. He was no longer startled by this type of intensity; Steve was fervid at times—sharper, hotter, and harder than usual. And it always turned Tony’s knees to rubber and completely shut his brain off.

They never made it out of the entry. In an embarrassingly short period of time, they were trying to recover from mind-blowing orgasms while sprawled out on the floor. Steve was naked—he’d started that way—but Tony’s shorts were still on one leg and his t-shirt was rucked under his armpits.

He rolled his head to the side. “Difficult day, dear?”

Steve snorted. “Nah. Just horny as fuck since you left in those shorts this morning.” He moved to his side, propping his head on his hand. “You smell like the ocean.”

“Uh, hate to break it to you, but we’re surrounded by it.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Kamekona was helping me with my cover… and he helped me right off the boat.”

Steve made a face. “I hate that you don’t have real backup.”

“You know I keep it safe.”

Another snort was the answer as Steve hopped up and pulled Tony to his feet. “You just like playing Magnum.”

“Damn right!”

They were toweling off from a shower, when Steve casually mentioned, “Gibbs is going to be here in a two weeks.”

Tony froze, mind spinning, going over his schedule and client list and immediately working out a couple days off. Then something occurred to him. “I talk to Jethro regularly and he never tells me about his visits.”

Steve cocked a brow. “I thought you had that one worked out, babe.” At Tony’s headshake, he sighed. “He’s giving me an opportunity for an easy out.”

“Ah.” Tony frowned, considering the implications. Everyone knew Tony wasn’t gonna say no, but if Steve ever felt like it was too much…

Steve pulled him close and pressed a kiss to his temple. “I know you wouldn’t fault me for saying no to the arrangement. Gibbs and I are just making sure we’re on the same page.”

Tony pulled back and peered at him. Nothing was as important as Steve. “Are we?”

The big grin was answer enough, but Steve added, “Oh yeah.”

– – – –

Dinner was good, but it was always good when Tony cooked. Steve was a much iffier prospect in the kitchen. Food aside, the best part was catching up with Gibbs. He seemed to have finally settled into life after NCIS, and was more relaxed than Tony could ever remember. There was a lot of travel as a specialty instructor for FLETC, which he didn’t think Gibbs was overly fond of, but he did seem to like the flexibility.

They continued to talk, because the unwritten rule was that Tony set the pace. He never really had a plan coming into the evening, he just knew when the moment was right.

That moment came when Steve was in the middle of telling Gibbs about his last case. Tony didn’t think he’d radiated his change in mood, but his lover paused in the middle of a sentence and looked over, eyebrow raised in question.

Tony nodded and got to his feet. “Jethro?” he asked, extending the invitation.

Gibbs and Steve rose simultaneously, but Gibbs snagged his bourbon, which gave Tony an indication about what was to come.

Tony led the way to the master bedroom, aware of the other two men following. He’d been anticipating this for days and energy felt like it was sizzling under his skin.

Once he crossed into the bedroom, the ball was in Steve’s court.

His lover slid up behind him and turned him to face where Gibbs was taking a seat in the armchair, bourbon held casually. The bourbon was always a clue that Gibbs planned to watch for a while.

Arms closed around his waist as Tony locked eyes with Gibbs, seeing the heat and desire that Gibbs only ever let him see in this room. Strong hands slid under Tony’s t-shirt, stroking over the firm planes of his abdomen before tugging the garment over his head. Steve began to claim Tony’s body with firm touches while trailing kisses across his shoulder and up the side of his neck.

Tony’s eyes slid shut and he relaxed back into Steve’s hold, letting the desire take hold.

“You’re so beautiful,” Steve murmured as he pulled at the fly of Tony’s jeans, exposing that Tony was bare underneath. “We sit and talk about food and work, but you know the only thing Jethro and I can ever think about is you.” Steve began tormenting Tony’s nipples, making him gasp. “We wait for that moment, for the way you shift in your chair, and the change in your breathing that says you’re ready for us. For this.”

Steve pulled away enough to divest Tony of his jeans, and he briefly met Gibbs’ heated gaze. Being the complete center of both their attention was hypnotic and addictive—the hottest thing Tony had ever experienced.

When Steve pressed against him again, he immediately palmed Tony’s cock, giving it several long strokes, and Tony shuddered. “Gonna take you apart now, babe.”

Several minutes later, Tony was stretched out on the bed, holding the headboard while Steve, who was still dressed, was edging him into insanity. “You’re such a hedonist. I know how much you love to have our undivided attention.” He stroked Tony tightly. “You’re not gonna come until I say.”

Tony nodded his acceptance no matter how hard it seemed. After an eternity, Steve flipped him on his stomach, and began playing with his hole, working him open. Tony didn’t usually want much prep, but he needed it tonight.

He knew Gibbs was watching every move, every reaction, as Tony rode Steve’s fingers, feeling closer to coming than he had been with the hand on his dick. Knowing he was being watched was such a turn on, he nearly came without permission. Something he hadn’t done in over a year.

When Tony was easily taking four fingers and the width of Steve’s hand, Steve had him kneel up on the bed. Steve sprawled on his back, releasing the drawstring on his pants and adjusting them down enough to free his hard, heavy cock, moving the waistband below his balls. Tony blinked at his lover remaining fully dressed, but then Steve slid a hand behind his Tony’s neck and tugged him down.

Needing no further encouragement, Tony licked at the head of Steve’s cock, but he knew from the tightness of Steve’s grip that his lover was impatient, so he quickly took it deep into his throat, riding out the sharp thrust of hips.

After too few seconds, Steve held Tony’s head in place and took over the rhythm. Tony’s brain blanked out. He adored giving head, and loved it even more when Steve just let go and fucked his mouth.

When Steve abruptly stilled, Tony groaned a complaint. Pulling him away, Steve sat up enough to claim Tony’s mouth aggressively. When he pulled away, he whispered, “Some other time, baby.” He licked a stripe up Tony’s neck. “I want your ass. Now.” He lay back and got some more lube, stroking it over his cock. He tugged at Tony’s arm.

Tony immediately straddled his lover’s hips, then fisted his hands in the tight t-shirt. He was used to the smooth expanse of Steve’s chest and wasn’t certain about the change.

“Clothes stay on.” Steve’s hands slid around to Tony’s ass, palming the cheeks and pulling them wide apart. Tony groaned, knowing that was for Gibbs’ benefit. He thought he heard a grunt, but then Steve was taking his cock in hand and guiding it to Tony’s hole. The head pressed in. Tony momentarily stopped breathing.

Steve’s hands settled on Tony’s hips, pulling down even as he thrust up sharply. Tony gasped, head falling back, as he was abruptly filled. Steve held his hips in place as he fucked up into him, setting a hard driving rhythm. His lover was sadistically perfect at hitting Tony’s prostate. He groaned, fighting off orgasm with his rapidly-fraying control.

Tony’s fingers clenched into the muscles of Steve’s chest. He trembled, knowing he couldn’t hold on for much longer. If Steve touched his cock, he’d be done.

The bed shifted and caught Tony’s attention. A second later, a strong hand settled on his shoulder, slowly sliding down to rest between his shoulder blades. The callouses from woodworking caused Tony to shudder in anticipation. Steve’s hips stilled, and Tony clenched around the cock filling him so perfectly.

Gibbs slowly pushed Tony forward until he was lying on his partner’s chest. He was acutely aware that Gibbs was staring at Steve’s cock stretching him wide.

The rip of the condom wrapper was loud in the room despite the labored breaths. He felt Gibbs’ leg rub against his ass and realized Gibbs, too, was still clothed. He moaned, pressing his face into Steve’s neck. He was naked between the two of them. That was completely new. And really hot.

Slippery fingertips slid around Tony’s rim, then one finger was pushed in next to Steve’s cock. Then another. Tony couldn’t help but dig his teeth into Steve’s skin, sucking hard. Steve gave a pleased grunt, bucking up once, twice.

When Gibbs’ fingers slid out, Steve fisted his hand in Tony’s hair, pulling until they were face to face.

“Look at me, baby,” Steve whispered against Tony’s lips.

He stared at his love, the center of his world, as he felt Gibbs move close. The head of his cock pressed against Tony’s hole. Long seconds passed and Tony reveled in being their complete focus, in being so desired by these two men.

Then Gibbs breached his body and the stretch was intense. He began to pant heavily, trembling as the second cock slowly slid inside his body.

Steve’s hands framed his face, peering into Tony’s eyes. “That’s it. Ride it out…” He pressed a soft kiss to Tony’s lips. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

When Gibbs was fully inside, he paused, waiting for Tony’s signal.

Like a switch had been flipped, Tony felt himself go boneless, totally surrendering to the experience. “Steve,” he whimpered, the first word to cross his lips since he’d entered the bedroom.

Steve immediately claimed his mouth, wrapping strong arms around Tony and holding him close as Gibbs began to move. Gibbs kept the thrusts measured and even for long moments, driving them all to distraction. Then he began to move harder, faster, and Steve kept pace by tongue-fucking Tony’s mouth.

Tony felt completely undone, nerves lit up in a way that was nearly unbearable. Steve left stinging bites in a trail down Tony’s neck. “Come. Now!” he ordered before sinking his teeth in.

His entire world whited out as he shuddered, pulsing hot come over Steve’s t-shirt. He was only dimly aware of his lovers reaching their peak, taking their pleasure in his body. Gibbs slid out first, refocusing him and causing his whole body to shake in reaction.

Nearly zoned out, he allowed himself to moved and manipulated. Gibbs stayed wrapped around him while Steve disappeared to the bathroom. When his partner returned, gloriously naked, he slid into bed and pulled Tony into his arms.

Gibbs got to his feet and came around to where Tony could see him, completely dressed in black slacks and blue t-shirt. Leaning across Steve, Gibbs stroked the side of Tony’s face, then pressed a gentle kiss against his lips. “I love you,” he murmured. A second later, he was gone.

“He always does that.” Tony blinked away the sting of emotion. “He’s such a bastard.”

Steve pressed a kiss to his hair. “He loves you the way he can.”

“I know.” He shifted to look at Steve. “You’re my everything, you know that, right?”

Steve’s smile was blinding. “I never doubted it.”

– – – –

Author Note:

The Big Short is a short-story challenge on Rough Trade based on thematic or character prompts. The maximum word count for themes is 1k, for characters it’s 2k. They are not beta’d. I re-read them looking for errors but that is all.

Each short story is complete as is. They will not be expanded on, there will be no sequels, they are probably not connected to anything else, and they are not intended to prompt other writers. If you find inspiration in them, that’s lovely, but please write your own thing. My works are not up for adoption.


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