I gakked most of this straight from Keira Marcos with her permission.

1. You may download and/or print my work for your personal use. You may make eBooks for your personal use. Do not distribute my works, in any form, or offer them for download.

Note about book binding: Do not ever take my work to a professional book binder, even if it’s for your personal use. In order to use a professional, you need to have copyright release, which I can’t give you since I don’t own any of the canon elements.

2. You may play with my concepts and ideas, and borrow my OCs, but DO NOT claim to have written a sequel or prequel to my story. That’s not acceptable.

If you borrow my original characters (OCs), I expect full attribution in your author notes. I’m not going to chase people down for using my ideas without credit, but I’ll get cranky if you don’t give full credit for the characters of mine that you’re borrowing.

Special Note about Emergence: As I state on the Emergence page, this is an open universe in the sense that I give blanket permission for you to use my world building, concepts, and ideas to craft your OWN story. You may take your pairing or your fandom and fuse it with my AU world building. You don’t need my permission to do this, but credit would be awesome as well as a link back to this site. However, please do not assume that because you wrote in my ‘verse, that I will consider your story canon. Someone else could write the same fandom as you with a different pairing, and I’d be fine with both.

Also, to save us both headaches, please note in your author notes that your story is written under my universe permissions but is NOT officially part of my Emergence canon.

You may NOT, however, write a for-profit novel in the Emergence verse. That’s unacceptable.

3. Do not remix or rewrite my work. Do not write ‘missing scenes.’

Consider carefully if you’re using my my ideas or concepts, AND playing in my verse, AND using my OC’s… you’re close to a rewrite and that’s not okay.

4. Do not repost or archive my work. It lives here, and some stories are also posted on AO3. That’s it.

5. No fanzines. Ever. Don’t ask. And if you write in my AU, I’d ask that you not put that story in a zine either.

6. The art on my site belongs to the people who created it. If you’d like to use their art for any reason, you’ll need to contact them directly.

7. Podfics. Please contact me before embarking on the creation of a podfic. I’ll probably be okay with it, but no point in risking overlap because of a failure of communication.

8. You may not, in any way, make money off of anything I produce or in any way related to my stories; including art and podfics if they’re available.


If I’ve inspired  you, crediting me and leaving a comment letting me know about it would be great. I’m not going to chase you down and chastise you if you don’t.





  1. My muse and I have been down for a VERY LONG time (2 years), this is the 3rd time I’ve read this universe and we are beginning to see a light. So I have a few questions for you. 1) Can I use Tony/Gibbs, Blair/Jim, Aaron/Spencer/Rossi, Jack/Daniel & John Sheppard/Rodney McKay. 2) I really like Mpreg so my idea is that the new Wyverns are the only ones that can reproduce the level of new one to start getting things back together. 3) They are under a death threat and have to go to Lantea for safety. Some of your other things would continue Tony would still get pulled to the spirt world, Blair would still be a shaman and so on. Of course I would credit you and keep you apprised to rein me back in if I get to out of whack. I don’t expect you to beta, but won’t throw it out either.

  2. Hello, I am a HUGE fan of your works, my big problem is I loose internet frequently, there is 5 stories of yours I love to go back and read over and over, my downloaded versions of them got deleted in my device change, now your wonderful site has changed and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to download again, if you would not mind could you help, I love your site and your stories but my internet is unreliable.

  3. Hello! I have been reading, and re-reading, Emergence since it was originally back on A03. It is one of those stories I always revisit if I need a little pick me up, and I adore it. Since your permissions say it’s fine to print for personal use, I am going to print it and bind it for myself (I am not in any way a professional bookbinder, just a hobby, and no profit will be made – I will be making negative profit ;-). I just wanted to let you know how much this story has stayed with me, and ask if you’d be okay if I wanted to post pictures of the binding on my tumblr once it’s bound (including a rec for your story and a link back here)?

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