Little Wyverns – Gift for Cinna

Title: Emergence – Crack Ficlet #1 – for Cinna Minion
Author: Jilly James
Rating: G
Author’s Note: The cutest little picture of teeny dragons popped up on Facebook a bit ago. Cinna and I got to discussing it and the Emergence Crack Fic bunnies were strong that day. Some of this is specifically from Cinna’s muses, though I couldn’t get all her ideas into this one story. The inspiration pic is at the bottom.

Cinna, Just eat your damn cupcake.

SPOILER NOTE: There is a minor spoiler for the second book of Emergence. Do not read if you don’t want the spoiler!

– – – –

The Little Wyverns

Gibbs closed his eyes and desperately searched for patience. The last half hour had been the most chaotic he could remember; full of crashes and running and flying objects.

There was a sudden change in the air currents, and he opened his eyes even as he reached out and snagged the little blue dragon flying past.


Of course.

The most down to earth, laid back, unflappable Wyvern probably in existence and he was the group daredevil. Dragon faces didn’t convey much expression, even young dragon faces, but Gibbs was sure Vin was pouting at him.

“No,” he said emphatically. “No flying in the house! You could get hurt.”

The little dragon started to wriggle and Gibbs set him down with another admonition to be good. He went in search of the others to makes sure they were okay.

The day had started normally enough, eight Alphas and seven Wyverns had crammed into Jack’s place for an impromptu briefing about issues in the Stargate program that their group needed to be involved in.

In the midst of the meeting, the Wyverns had suddenly vanished in a flash of light. Jack had immediately identified it as Asgard technology and the Alphas had set out for the mountain. But Gibbs gut had given a lurch of disagreement when he’d tried to get in the car, so he’d offered to stay behind in case anything happened at the house.

There were a few Marines on property, but Gibbs the only dragon present when a couple hours later, the Wyverns had all reappeared. Except they were in dragon form. Tiny dragon form. They couldn’t shift back, and they seemed to have a struggle with adult mentality. Gibbs only had a telepathic connection to Tony, so he had to infer that the same was true for the others. Tony had wild fluctuations between adult and child mindset and his emotions were all over the place.

The Wyverns’ bodies were about the size of a moderately-sized teddy bear, plus wings and tail. So approximately four feet nose to tail. Which was big enough to be destructive and small enough to fit in tight places, as Gibbs had been finding out for the last half hour.

Once he’d gotten the freaked out Wyverns somewhat calmed, he’d summoned the Alphas back from Cheyenne Mountain saying simply, “You need to get back here.”

And then the madness began. Little Wyverns were apparently curious, hyper and hungry.

He peered in the kitchen and saw Reid with his head in an enormous bag of cheese puffs, so figured that was okay for now. Ezra was in the refrigerator in search of something, having knocked the entire bottom shelf onto the floor. Gibbs figured that could wait, too. Vin he’d just been holding, so he must be okay for the moment. He didn’t immediately spot the others.

A moment later he found Rodney trying to get the front door open. “Absolutely not!” he yelled, grabbing the pale green Wyvern around the middle and tucking him under his arm. Rodney immediately hissed at him. “No! You can’t go outside.” He made sure the deadbolt was engaged and then took Rodney to the kitchen.

Reid’s head was out of the Cheetos bag but was covered in orange dust as he munched happily on a pile of electric orange puffy things. Ezra was still in the fridge, tail swaying about and Vin was batting at as if he were a cat.

Gibbs plunked Rodney down. “Eat something. I have to find the others.” For good measure, he wedged a chair under the front doorknob on his way to search for the other three.

He desperately wanted to find Tony, because he was getting some troubling emotions through their bond, but he spotted two tails, one silver and one blue, just visible over the top of the sofa. Why the other two thirds of the Wyvern ruling triad were snout down behind the sofa was an utter mystery.

Praying for patience, Gibbs grabbed the tails and lifted carefully, quickly finding himself being glared at by Blair and Daniel. Well, the teeny Wyvern version of a glare. “Don’t give me that look. And for fuck’s sake why–” He broke off as he got a nose full of dust. “Ah hell.” He blew out a breath even as he plunked Blair on a cushion and began dusting Daniel off, setting dust bunnies flying through the air.

As Gibbs rubbed the dust away, the pearly shine of Daniel’s silver scales was revealed again. “Kitchen,” he ordered, even as he snagged Blair, who had begun to unfurl his wings. “No flying,” he added. Again. He’d lost count of the number of times he’d said that in the last half hour.

Right now, Gibbs wanted a few very specific things. First, he wanted the other alphas back immediately to help wrangle the herd of child-like Wyverns before something Very Bad Happened. Second, and it caused a tight feeling in his chest, he wanted his mate back to normal. And third, he wanted to wring the neck of whatever entity thought this was a good idea.

Once he had the two Wyvs clean, he herded them to the kitchen, even as they hissed and blew smoke. Rodney was eating Cheetos with Reid, and Vin and Ezra had pulled out a plate of raw steaks.

“NO!” Gibbs thundered, startling all the Wyverns. Vin and Ezra had been puffing up to ‘grill’ the steaks dragon style and Gibbs did not want the house burning down.

His yelling stopped imminent disaster, but suddenly he was fixed with six pairs of bright eyes filled with tears. “Oh, for– No no… don’t cry.” He rounded up the Wyverns, carrying three at a time into the living room.

Gibbs got them in a little huddle on the living room floor, utterly unconcerned that he was covered in dust and cheese residue and some other food substances he couldn’t name. “I’m sorry I yelled,” he offered the six still-teary Wyverns. “We can’t have fire, and you can’t go outside, and you shouldn’t fly indoors. I need to find Tony, so would you six just stay together for a few minutes. Please?” he begged.

They all hid their faces under their forelegs, except Rodney who looked more like he was gonna hiss, and Gibbs took that as a sign that they might stay out of trouble long enough for him to find Tony.

It took him a couple minutes, but he finally spied the little white dragon huddled under Daniel’s desk in the guest room/library. Gibbs could tell Tony was unhappy, but he wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Tony?” he hunkered down in front of the desk so he could see his bonded. “You want to come out now? Come here…”

After a few seconds, Tony came out, every line of his little body radiating dejection. As soon as Gibbs picked up the little Guardian, Tony started to tremble and fat tears fell from his eyes. –I tried to make them stop!– Gibbs got telepathically through their bond.

“What do you mean, Tony?”

I’m sorry! I tried to make them stop, LJ. I felt you get frantic, but… but…

Gibbs held Tony close, feeling the warm snout press up behind his ear even as the little dragon continued to tremble. “Hey, it’s not your fault. Come on, Tony… it’s gonna be okay.” He walked back to the living room, even as he tried to keep reassuring the little Wyvern. Even trapped in a tiny de-aged state, Tony was still trying to be the Guardian. Gibbs wasn’t sure if he found it utterly tragic or endearing.

To his utter shock, the other six were still in the living room and hadn’t done too much damage. They all perked up as Tony and he entered the room, and then they all kind of slumped as Tony kept crying.

Gibbs sat on the sofa with Tony in his arms, petting the warm back. Quickly, he was swarmed by little dragons, all trying to get closer to Tony. He felt like he was wearing a dragon blanket. A very warm, pearly dragon blanket.

After several minutes, Tony was calm, but the dragon blanket remained. And then they were all staring at him. Even Tony. “What?”

They just continued to stare.

It was unnerving.

What?” he repeated imploringly, fervently wishing that the other Alphas would get here ASAP.

They want a story,– Tony sent over their bond.

“You guys want a story?” Gibbs asked incredulously.

Seven pearly little dragon heads nodded in unison.

Gibbs forced himself not to have an outward reaction because he did not want more tears. But he was stumped, no idea what to say. “Uh…”

Then he realized he could tell the story he knew the best. “Well, it started on New Year’s Day aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis. My Senior Field Agent had managed to get himself in trouble, yet again, and I had to…”

– – – –



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