I wanted to devote some space on my site to the people who have really contributed to my writing. Some have beta’d for me, others made art or provided a safe place.


Editing Department:

Betas are worth their weight in gold. It’s not just that they make the work cleaner and more readable, their tireless efforts give the author a sense of security when they step out on that ledge and expose their work to the public.

All of my betas contribute their valuable time, despite real life struggles and obstacles, and there’s just not enough good I can say about them.


Nae is more than my beta reader, so I wasn’t sure where to slot her on this page! She also listens patiently when I freak out, reads my half formed stuff, knits me hats, makes me cookies, and is an amazing friend. She’s the sister of my soul and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s beta’d every word I’ve written, so her little fingerprints are all over my writing. She’s a gifted writer herself. You can read more about her and find her works over on her blog.

Elsa Kallan

Elsa was my almost-first-but-really-first beta reader. I say almost because the first person who signed on to beta Emergence basically eviscerated me and my writing, and I was gun shy about even making another attempt. But Elsa stepped up and handled things like a pro and helped me have the confidence to keep trying to get the beta reader thing going. I’m so grateful she was there because it truly makes it easier to publish a work when you have a good beta (or two, or three) behind you.


Icy was my first beta for Journey Home. Elsa was entrenched in Emergence, and I had Journey on the back burner when Icy came along and offered to take it on. I knew from Rough Trade that she was a talented writer herself, and I was so honored that she’d take the time out of her life to help me. I call her my Icy Unicorn and I’m honored that she’s part of my Minion family. You can find her on AO3 or on her Blog.

Art Department:

I get monumentally excited about fan art for several reasons. Not the least of which is that it’s on par with someone gifting you with a story or something they made by hand. It just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. Also, I totally suck at computer art, so it’s a gift in an area where I’m pretty damned needy!


I got an email one day from the amazing SGDiva saying she’d made a piece of art for Emergence because she loved the story so much. That was like one of the high points for me in creating the story. I’d never had anyone gift art to me before. I tell you, it’s the best. And she’d put the scales on Tony and Gibbs, perfectly framing my imagination! You can find it here.

Fanarts_series (marlislash)

So, I’m getting ready for the Summer challenge 2014 on Rough Trade, and Fanarts_series puts a post on Facebook that she’s willing to make story banners for anyone who needs it. *blink blink* REALLY? First, she’s incredibly talented at digital art. Second, I suck at it. What’s not to love? But then a few stories go by and she’s done my art for every one with such graciousness and skill. I adore her to bits. You can find her stuff all over my site. I think my favorite so far is the cover art for Restoration. Plus, you should click on the link above and see the other work she’s done. Damn.



I wasn’t sure where to put Cinna. How do you categorize the person who stays up late to chat when you need it, helps you figure out casting for your story, talks you down when you’re getting stressed about an overblown idea, helps you get perspective… and so many other things? Not to mention is more than willing to fill your bunny pen with rabid plot bunnies, and doesn’t hunt you down when you return the favor? There’s just not a clear classification for that which keeps me sane. She’s also my internet spouse. Or soon to be. She’s an amazing writer and you should go check out her work. (PS she gives great rant yo! And abuses hashtags like a BOSS!)

Keira Marcos and the Rough Trade Community

The existence of Rough Trade got me writing fiction again after some wretched events had caused me to put away my quill. Keira provides an amazingly safe and nurturing environment for writers to explore, experiment and spread their wings. She gives a ton of herself to mentoring writers and there’s just no adequate way to thank someone for that. Plus, there’s an amazing community behind her that encourages and motivates and provides endless support. I wish I could individually call out everyone on Rough Trade who’s made a difference in my writing and my life. Just know that I appreciate every one of you.



Have you ever been drowning trying to write in a new fandom and you can’t quite sort some stuff out? Starkindler was like my miracle who came along and was willing to help me make sense of stuff that was rapidly turning me away from several writing projects. So, thank you, my dear. Also, Starkindler is an amazing writer. Hit the link above, start at the top and only come up for air long enough to eat and sleep. You won’t regret it 🙂

So, that’s my Credits. It’s not a complete list, or an adequate thanks, but it’s what I have today. Much gratitude to all of you.

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