First, where you can find me:

MeWe – I don’t use facebook as a social media platform any longer. Instead, you can find me on MeWe.

Twitter – but as of this page creation, I never tweet except to save my favorite dancer. That could change someday.

Dreamwidth – I moved on from LiveJournal, so this is where I sometimes stash stuff. I don’t use it much.

NaNoWriMo – This is my author profile on the NaNo site.


I’m a writer. That’s in my soul and defines me.

In more pragmatic terms, I spent years as a technical writer, and now work as a Program Manager. In the world of fandom, I joke that I’m a Dragon Handler. Considering what I actually do, that description isn’t far off.

I’m in my mid 40’s and live in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been writing since I was a wee sprout, but writing fanfiction since 1999 (maybe ’98—it’s a little fuzzy). I wrote about 1.7 million words of fiction from 1999 – 2007. And probably triple that in technical documents and publications.

I retired my pen name sometime late 2007 — and no, I won’t tell anyone what it was.

You can call me Jillian, Jilly, or JJ. I hate being called Jill. Seriously, don’t do it. Close friends sometimes call me Jilly Bean. My Internet Spouse says my full name is: Lady Jilly of Bean, Mistress of Dragons and Princess of the Biting Politeness. There’s a warning buried in that name. Heed it.

I discovered fanfiction only about six months before I started writing it. It was the slash that lured me in. I spent a lot of money on m/m fiction and was largely dissatisfied with the quality and depth of it. The first bit of fanfiction I read was epic and so much better than anything I’d read in my m/m anthologies.

Of course, I later discovered that the first story I read was truly a masterpiece, but in general, I’ve always been incredibly impressed with the quality of writing in fanfic. I started with one fandom and didn’t branch out for the longest time (read: about 5 years) but then I discovered the mighty crossover. I am a crossover whore. I was incepted to all other fandoms through some crossover route, and now I have more fandoms than I can keep up with!

I prefer slash, but read a lot of gen, too. I don’t read much het, and need to have some good familiarity with the author to read it. My only het ship is Harry/Hermione, and it’s definitely not my OTP. I don’t really have any OTPs. More like a set of NoTPs — Like Ginny/Harry (shudders). I guess you could say I have OTCs (One True Character). I focus on that one character that captures my attention and then read them with just about anyone (sans family members!).

Fandoms I read broadly:

Harry Potter
The Sentinel
The Hobbit
Teen Wolf (TV show)
Avengers (and MCU)
Magnificent 7 (mostly modern AU)

Fandoms I read depending on author and recommendation:

just about any other fandom…


See? Too many to keep up with. But that’s most of us, yeah?

Because my reading tastes are broad, my creative interest wanders around like a 7-year-old with ADHD.

Fandoms I’ve written in (whether published or not):

The Sentinel
Criminal Minds
Stargate SG-1
Stargate: Atlantis
Harry Potter
The Hobbit
Teen Wolf
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Magnificent 7
Hawaii 5-0

If you have a question about me, feel free to leave a comment.

Thus endeth my page of narcissism.

Now go read some fic!


  1. I was very upset on your behalf to hear of your head injury and hope that you have recovered fully.

    I just want to thank you for the work you’ve put into Emergence and The Journey Home. They are two stories that i read over and over even if they are rough drafts. I lifted them both from Rough Trade before i knew that it was not acceptable, but I can’t bring myself to delete The Journey Home. I appreciate that you posted Emergence here and assume it is acceptable to have downloaded it. I certainly don’t share stories and only direct friends to originating sites. I hope you will forgive me for my trespasses if I have erred, but if you require that i delete your stories then i will of course do so. I eagerly await the edited versions when you are ready to share them. I’m not sure how you could improve them besides some minor proofreading, but I look forward to reading any changes you may have made.

    I too love crossovers, and have enjoyed some of your recs already. I hope you will find time to post more of them, but i understand how busy you must be with your primary job and with editing and writing your fanfic. I’d hate to try to draw you away from either!

    Thanks again for the many and multiple days’ pleasure you have given me. Best wishes for your continued good health, and may you find spare time for both reading and writing fanfic.

    • Hi Michelle, You’re totally fine on having that stuff. It was before Keira changed the policy on Rough Trade. I just ask that you not distribute it until I publish.

      Thanks for for stopping by the new site and for your kind words!

  2. Jilly – Thanks for setting my conscience at ease. I haven’t and won’t share your work without permission, and will eagerly but patiently await the final versions when you have them ready. I adore crossovers, and started got sucked into NCIS fandom after reading one. After several years spent enjoying good writing, I finally watched an episode of the show! I must admit, I still prefer a good crossover and your stories are some of my favorites even though Emergence is more AR than crossover. You excel at world building based on bits and pieces and making them entirely your own. I also like your secondary characters each of whom are well developed in their own right. And like Keira Marcos, you have the ability to take a lead character from story one story to the next and make them unique. It’s the hallmark of an excellent author and what keeps fanfic from becoming repetitious, and so much fun.

    Please be well, continue to grow in spirit, and have fun yourself. Best wishes,

    • Thank you, Michelle. Those are some lovely comments.

      I agree that Emergence is very alternate reality. Though I guess it’s a crossover of multiple alternate realities. 🙂

      And I totally love crossovers, too. I can’t get enough of them.

  3. Hey I just wanted to say i think the site looks great 🙂

  4. Just a drive by fanning – I keep popping back and re-reading your work and enjoying your approach to most of my favorite characters. Tony DiNozzo, Jack O’Neill, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner – I love all the work your doing and how fresh your plots are.

    There’s a lot of crap out there to piss writers off and I know there’s no way that proper, grateful fans can run interference for our favorite authors, but I figure it can’t hurt to stop in and say “thanks” and “you’re wonderful!”


  5. Hey, I love your work 🙂 Saved as many as I can to enjoy in my downtime. You’re one of my favourites. Had a scare when you disappeared from AO3. Just wondering what’s up with that? As long as I can find you though I’m good. Keep up the good work

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