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  1. Just wanted to commend you on such fantastic writing. Your take on AU/bonding (both with the Sentinel elements and the dragons) is creative enough on its own, but you also manage to *write* so well — the mechanics, plot, characterization, all of it. It’s pretty addictive. Any chance you are into Avengers/MCU? I’m dying for a Clint/Coulson Sentinel/bonding AU fic on the level of your writing.

    • Hi. I moved your comment because I’m going to be deleting that post, and didn’t want you to get lost.

      I do read a lot of Avengers/MCU, and I love Clint/Phil. I have some plot bunnies that aren’t quite fully formed yet, but there’s definitely potential for me writing there.

      Thanks for the lovely comments. Hope you enjoy .

  2. Hey I have a question, are you planning on writing a sequel to Emergence at anytime?

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