Art Created For Me

Digital Art Created By Me


Art Submissions:

Art is such an amazing gift, and I appreciate every single bit of it. If you’d like to send me art, please direct it to my email address at

Art Gifts

Please do not copy or distribute.   The art on this page was all a labor of love by some talented people. By SGDiva. My first art. Banners by fanarts_series (Marlislash) Covers by LilithSilver And some amazing drawings by Sunryder for Emergence that give me the warm fuzzies, because SCALES! Tony Gibbs  

Digital Art by Jilly

Please do not copy or distribute. Note: If the images are scrunched on top of each other, refresh the page. I don’t do much digital art, but it seemed like a natural evolution from wanting art for my fic. I also do banners for friends and occasionally for stories that just inspire me. My first …

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