Jul 27 2017

Summer 2017 Update – jillyjames.com Site Transfer


First, and most important, I will be transferring to a new hosting service over the next few days. This should be a smooth transition but things can go wrong, and it’s possible my site may go down for a while. Or be up and down. Or even go down for a couple days. Grab your towel and don’t panic. I’m not leaving the Internet, I’m just trying to sort out technical issues. Hopefully, things will go smooth as silk and you’ll be none the wiser. But if there’s a catastrophic meltdown, just chill. It’ll be back up eventually.

In a previous update, I’d mentioned getting more eBooks up. I’m working on a whole new eBook system that should make for super easy downloading and reduce the hit on my bandwidth, but I’m not rolling out anything new until the site transfer happens and I’m sure my technical glitches are ironed out.

Rough Trade has gone well. I’m hoping to post the third episode of Catalyst before the end of the month. I was working on my entry for the NCIS Big Bang in tandem with Rough Trade, and that story will hit my site sometime in October. I’m super jazzed about both stories. Keira and I talked about id fic a couple times on her podcast, and the Big Bang story might be all Jilly-id. I’m a terrible tease, but you’re going to have to wait until October to see what my id looks like.

I’ve really enjoyed working in the episode format this month. The extra practice was great and has fired up my drive to work on several of the series I have in process.

The Wild Hare Project is out of beta and we’re looking at new author applications slowly. If you think it might be a fit for you, drop by and submit an application. Or, if you have questions about what it is and if it’s right for you, check out the about page. If that doesn’t answer your questions, drop us an email through the contact form.

Speaking of contact forms… My site’s spam control got a little Draconian and spammed a bunch of stuff sent through my contact form and a bunch of comments. I’ve fished them all out and will try to get back to everyone who needs a response after my site migration is done.

I am feeling somewhat better from the hives fiasco that was the spring, but it’s all due to the modern marvel that is drugs. So, still trying to sort out why I’m covered in hives if I don’t take a buttload of pills. (A figurative buttload. Though I do sometimes feel like I’m getting a whole 126 gallons.)

I’ve been bemoaning the lack of good TV in the summer and haven’t stumbled on anything I want to marathon. It’s tragic. And, yes, I saw the first episode of Midnight Texas. I’m reserving judgment for now.

In other news, along with some other writers, I launched a Facebook page called The Daily Something. It’s tips & tricks, grammar, punctuation, matters of style, with the occasional rant thrown in for spiciness. For writers, by writers with our kind of miniony, take-over-the-world slant. Maybe. Kind of. Don’t believe everything you think. Seriously, drop by and check it out. You’re always welcome to send questions you’d like answered via the message button on the page. Since it’s a page, you can follow it without friending me or crossing the streams between fandom and real life. It is marked 17+ because we swear a lot and I don’t need angry mothers yelling at me for saying cunt on a page their 14-year-old darling can read.

Until next time, hope you all have a great summer. Or for those of you south of the equator, may your winter be mild.


Buckaroo, The White House wants to know is everything ok with the alien space craft from Planet 10 or should we just go ahead and destroy Russia?


*Feel free to take one if you forgot yours.


  1. jakquill

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂 I’ll just have to haunt your page a lot more!!

    And btw I saw Buckaroo Banzai MANY years ago… what was the reply? -snigger-

    1. Jilly James

      Yes on one, no one two. But the funny was Mission Control not knowing which one meant destroy Russia.

  2. iadorespike

    Thanks for the update, sweetie. You’re a terrible tease, but I’m sure I can actually survive until October. Probably. 😉

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