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02/15/2018 – It’s Evil Author Day! Check out all the links to the Evil Author Collective.


NEW STORY: Adaptable – Teen Wolf, John/Claudia, future Derek/Stiles (16 March 2018)

Most Recent Stories:

…I’ll Forgive – Tony DiNozzo/OMC (12 October 2017)

Fracture – Tony DiNozzo/Eliot Spencer (23 Jan 2017)

De Novo – Tony DiNozzo/Ian Edgerton (20 Jan 2017)

If Found, Pease Return – Tony-centric Gen with minor John/Rodney (6 Jan 2017)

Vicious – Tony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs (1 Jan 2017)


All about Art!!

Some serious thanks and admiration out to flickst for drawing some amazing art for Emergence. Seriously. I was floored.

A while back, Sunryder also did some digital drawings that knocked my socks off. Tony and Gibbs



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I provide eBooks of my finished stories, and you’re welcome to download them for your personal use. Please do not post my eBooks to other public sites. I’ll be very vexed if you do. My internet spouse is a hit minion troll. Seriously, you don’t want to annoy me.

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How adult are my stories? Assume everything is Adult. I don’t want anyone underage reading my stuff. Not even the very G Teen Wolf ficlet.

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You can leave public comments on any page or post on my site. All comments are moderated. And here’s why I moderate. Moderation can lag if I’m busy.

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