Summer 2020 Update

Dahlia’s are the best summer flower—I’ll accept no argument on the subject.

As for something that has any actual relevance…

My site isn’t down (more than usual) or unstable or anything else out of the ordinary. If your browser is pointing to https, you’re going to get an error. You need to adjust your link to be http.

I posted in several places about the change, and I’ve tried to reply to all the people who have emailed, IMed, and sent carrier pigeons, but after more than 30 messages, I’ve done my last individual reply. I may have missed replying to a few private messages up to this point—sorry about that, there were a lot.

If you’ve double-checked the site address, and you’re still getting an error, it’s likely your own security settings.

More information you can skip if you don’t care about the technical details of my site…

I removed the security certificate from my site. This has almost no impact on visitors to my site because I don’t have memberships, therefore there is no login, and so you aren’t passing information—secure or otherwise. When you get a warning that says the site isn’t secure, that’s true—it’s not. But it doesn’t matter because you’re not logging in and passing information to my site.

I may get a security certificate again in the future but only if I move to a new host.

In other news…

This year has been an exercise in frustration, and I know we’re all in the same boat. I’ve been ill a lot this year, which has gotten in the way of my writing in an epic way. I can write injured, but sick is a whole other thing.

I’ve been writing most days since I started feeling like a human being again, but I’m not finishing anything. Because the year has been so challenging, I’m not pushing myself on the writing front. I’m going where I’m inspired.

I’d hoped to have Psionic Paradox finished by the 31st so I’d have the 5 day grace period to work on Equinox, but I’ve been really busy the last ten days, which screwed my writing productivity. I’m aiming to have Psionic Paradox finished by the 5th. fingers crossed

Hope you’re all having a good summer—as good as possible, all things considered.

Stay safe, be well.



  1. hi,
    It is so good to hear from you. I have been woried. Thank you for the well wishes and your wonderful stories. They have helped me much through these hard times. I wish you all the best.
    Lets all stay healthy and keep on going.
    Best wishes

  2. Glad that you’re well, or rather on the road to recovery… and I do hope that you’ll stay well. I’ve very much missed your writing, but it’s all well and good since you have already written a rather prolific amount. Will wait for whatever comes because it’s so so worth the wait, because seriously you’re like one of my favorite authors. Your writing, and storytelling is incredible and I can only wish I can write as well as you do. Please be well and I look forward to whatever is coming.

    Stay safe, sane and happy! ^-^

    • Thank you! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the rest of the year goes more smoothly (and with fewer health crises) than the first half. Good grief. We’re all emotionally exhausted.

  3. greywolfthewanderer

    no worries, Jilly-san. all ye can do is what ye can do. it’s been a shite year, so never fear. thee’s still writing, at whatever pace. stay safe, and we’ll do likewise.

  4. Hey Jilly! I’m sending all my positive vibes your way. Hope you heal up and stay well!

  5. I hope that you continue to feel better, Jilly! I’ll send some healing energy your way if you want it! Thank you for sharing your art with us! Take it easy!

  6. I’m just glad you’re feeling a bit better, Jilly. That’s the most important thing. All the best from me.

  7. I’m starting winter here, but you’re right this year has been something special, just take care and don’t worry about anything but yourself

    • It’s been boiling where I live, so I’m a bit envious of winter, though flu season on top of everything sounds wretched 🙁

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  8. I noticed you didn’t seem to be posting as often but didn’t realize you had been ill. I hope you have everything you need and that you will be able to recover fully with time and care. Thank you for letting us know so that I, along with your many other readers, can direct prayers and healing energy your way!

  9. Hi Jilly it’s great to hear from you. I’m sorry you’ve been ill… it really has been that kind of year. Take care of yourself and give yourself a chance to recover.

    Dahlias are great, but Lillies are pretty good too!


  10. Thank you for the site secure info. Big relief! Ever appreciation for all the time, talent ant vision you share with us .
    Love B

  11. Hugs. I hope things slow down a bit. Instead of good thoughts I’m sending you tea and chocolate. I would send real ones but…you need a PO box for goodies!!! 😀

  12. Be well! 2020 feels like the year that will never stop kicking us when we’re down. We just have to do the best we can.

    I appreciate your writing so much. In any way, and any time I can get it. When you post something new, it’s always exciting to me.

    • This year is exhausting. I’m trying to get in a lane with my writing that feels revitalizing, which is changing my process a bit, but one of the advantages of having fallen on my face a lot with my writing is that I’m getting better about adapting. Thank you for the support…we’ll keep everything crossed that this year improves for all of us.

  13. Keep your chin up Jilly and concentrate on yourself. Your health and well-being are most important. We fans of your ooh so talented and enjoyable writing have plenty of it on site to fill our Jilly fix until you are well – ten amazing years worth! We would love you to write forever (hmmm – note to self: ask Rodney if he can speed up research on immortality) but not at any cost. So take care girl and thank you for your wonderful stories. xx Ali

    • I will take that time machine or immortality potion or whatever Rodney’s big brain can produce, Ali. 😉

      Thanks for the kind words. Take care of yourself!

  14. Thanks for the update Jilly. The most important thing is that you get well and manage to stay well! I’m sending you lots of virtual hugs, Hxx Oh, I meant to say I re-read Emergence over the weekend, what a joy that story is. Thanks.

  15. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez

    Sending all the positive energy I can!!!
    Hope you feel better and take extra care of yourself 🙂

  16. Darlene Peracchio

    I am sorry that you have been ill. I enjoy reading your stories of course but you are so much more important than your work. Don’t push yourself and feel better. We will still be here.

  17. Hope you feel better soon and thanks for sharing your writing with us!

  18. Look, we might as well face it. 2020 sucks. It sucks right out loud.

    Hope you are feeling better soon and I am looking forward to whatever you start to work on when you do.

  19. Oh and P. S. I love dahlias. The clarity and purity of their colors are just mind numbing. Unfortunately it get way too hot here for them. I wish I could grow them.

    • This place I used to live we had these huge, yellow dinner-plate dahlias. I was enraptured by them. Of course, I wasn’t doing the gardening, which accounts for why we had blooms at all!

  20. Continue on the road to better health, Jilly James.

    Be safe.

  21. YOU be well, Jilly. ❤ In this scary time, it’s good to see a message from you!

  22. You take care of you and nevermind us….

  23. I hope you continue to feel better. As weird as 2020 has been please don’t push yourself. I enjoy reading whatever you write and rereading your past stories

    • Thanks. I’ve done the best with writing so far this year when I just let myself meander to what inspires me. My normal more structured approach to writing hasn’t been working so well, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack.

  24. Clifford Stamper

    hello, not a comment on site, but a few links seem to go nowhere, links to keira and quantum seem to be dead ends, can you help?

    •,,,,, and are all on the same server. So when the host has an issue, all the sites are offline, which is what has been going on. The host has been getting denial of service attacks and various other things that brought a whole slew of servers down. They’re up now, but if you experience several of them offline at the same time, just be patient. they’ll be back up.

  25. Clifford Stamper

    thank you, got Keira’s tweet about it yesterday, but thanks for replying.

  26. This summer has been a true test of our patients. I hope you feel better. I’ve been on and off sick as well and I know how energy-draining it is.
    All the best, stay safe.

  27. I am sorry you have been ill. Thank you for all of your stories and I look forward to future postings whenever you post. Dahlias are the best summer flower since very few are both delightful in vases and salads.

  28. Glad to hear you are on the mend, and I hope you are taking it slow and easy.

    As for finishing anything – I think we all want you to work at your own pace and when You are ready we will be waiting to share your joy in writing.

    Take care and best wishes – Seren

  29. I’m so glad that you’re getting better. I and other readers will wait. Your stories are so worth waiting for.
    You are one of my favorite writers.👍❤
    Well wishes to you!

  30. I hope you continue to feel better! I love your stories and look forward to your next inspiration!

  31. Thanks for the update, Jilly! So glad to hear you’re doing a little better. Please focus on taking care of yourself during this crazy time. Hopefully the rest of the year will be gentler.

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