Spring 2019 Update

It’s another newsletter, update…thing. I tried to do this monthly. Then quarterly. Then I was like, “I’ll get to it…someday.” So this is not a quarterly thing but more I’m writing it in the spring and so it’s the Spring Update.

This year has been busy busy busy. We launched a writing-centric chat server back in February, and it’s been such a boon to my creative life. The community is amazing, and the amount I’ve written since 2/16 is astonishing. The server is called Just Write! It’s on Discord. You’re welcome to come by and flex your creative muscles. (You will need a Discord account but not your own Discord server.)

There’s a companion server for socializing and for Keira Marcos’ podcast. It’s called Crossroads. Again, Discord required.

Discord has been a much more stable platform for chat, and it allows us to have focused chat rooms. For instance, we have a whole secret chat devoted to bitching about Marvel and Endgame. If you want to bitch, come to Crossroads, find the chat called “the-corner” and state that you wish to bitch about Marvel. Someone will grant you access.

The stitch-and-bitch has been helpful for me getting over my rage so I can keep on with MCU-focused writing plans. Not to mention all my editing!

In other news… We go live on the Quantum Bang in just three days. If that’s a new term for you, it’s a Big Bang I run with Keira Marcos focused on fix-it stories for any fiction-based fandom. My story, which is Teen Wolf and titled Unobstructed Views, will be posted on 6/14. If you’re interested in participating in the 2020 Quantum Bang, signups open on 8/1, so follow the site and watch for the announcement.

Rough Trade in April was a blast. I finished my sequel to Stick Around, titled Demons. That’s gone into editing, and I hope to have it on my site in the next couple months. (Remember that the Rough Trade clean-off date is 6/1, so if you want to read Demons before it hits my site, your window is short.)

Looking ahead at Rough Trade in July, I’ll be doing fics for The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug and The Chronicles of Riddick. The challenge is called Reel End and the goal is to rewrite the ending of two movies, so those are my choices. The Hobbit story will be titled Dragon Call, and TCoR is Believer. The art is down at the bottom because sneak peek!

Update: Due to some ugly behavior I witnessed, the Riddick story was taken off the table for July. I just can’t stomach it right now. In its place, I’ll be doing Defining Moment… a redo of the end of Age of Ultron.

In November, I’ll be doing an experiment with Keira Marcos and Ladyholder where we write from the same one-sentence prompt. (Which we were practicing for back in March… You may have noticed.) Right now, we’re planning to do something in the MCU, but that could change.

Further into the future, next year is the Year of the Sentinel on Rough Trade. I plan to do a sequel to Send for the Man in April, which will be titled Warriors. April is the established relationship challenge. And that’s as far as I’ve planned into next year. July is focused on S&G bonds, so that will be new works. November’s theme is layers, which is about using some other major trope on top of the S&G thing. I have zero thoughts about that yet.

More in the here and now… I’m working with a group of writers to do a fiction relay titled Feeding Frenzy (we call it the Unicorn Relay because it’s all about Tony DiNozzo). We’re nearing the end of the writing phase and are trying to knock out editing and betas. That will go live on the Wild Hare Project whenever we get all our little bunnies in a row, so look for an announcement on that in the months to come.

And because I like to keep busy and I really love my writing community, we’re doing Fluff Bingo soon. It’s in the formative stages. I’d thought about doing a kink bingo, but I’m feeling the need for fluffy things (I blame Marvel). That will definitely be run on Discord, so you’d need to join the Just Write! server if you were interested in playing with us. I can’t answer anything about rules yet because it’s in the works. Find the fluff-bingo channel on Just Write! for updates.

There was a year-long lull in posting on my site, but I did write a ton in 2018 that has been slowly making it through the editing process. This year, I’ve posted two short-to-novella-length works and a bunch of 5k-or-less stories. The short stories are all indexed on my In Short page, but the ones from this year are listed below.

Speaking of shorts… I found three Rough Trade Workshop prompts that were languishing on my hard drive. I’m going to post them here soon. They’re not new. If you read them on the Workshop, they’re much as they were there.

Here’s what’s in my current editing stack. This is no guarantee of a post date or anything, just a reflection of what I’m currently working on.

  • Sentry
  • Alio Modo
  • Demons

Posted in 2019

There’ve been a bunch of radio shows this year. Some about writing, some about fandom. Keira has moved her radio show to Castbox, so you can find her there.

And that’s about it for now! I hope you’re having a wonderful spring (or fall!).


Preview for July Rough Trade


  1. You have been busy, haven’t you? All of this looks amazing and July is gonna be fab!

    Thank you for the update!

  2. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez

    You have been a very busy bee!
    I’m so happy to be able to re-read Alio Modo( makes a very happy dance)
    Thanks for all your awesome stories!!!

  3. Sharon Simpson-Davis

    My goodness you have been busy, thank you in advance for the upcoming instalments.

  4. Just wondering if Demons has come out of editing yet… I loved, loved, loved reading it on RT and would enjoy reading it half a dozen more times!

    Also, I’m a fairly decent editor and willing to offer my services…

    • It’s still in the works. If you follow my site, you’ll get an email notification when it’s posted. Thanks for the offer, but I do my own editing outside of having someone do a final beta pass, and I’m not planning to beta Demons.

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