Site Shenanigans

You may have noticed a major visual overhaul on my site. There was an organizational overhaul a few weeks ago, but I consider that old news now. đŸ˜‰

In any case, there was some behind-the-scenes bitching amongst the bitches (bitches bitching…it’s practically poetry) about how we don’t like bright white sites anymore. As more and more sites have dark modes/night modes available, we surf in a pleasant haze of muted colors. A pure white background then becomes a sensory assault.

Now that I need reading glasses (sigh), it’s time to woman-up and admit these eyes are getting older and need less stimulation (I’ll save the visual strain for kilt porn, thank you very much). If you follow Keira and Ladyholder, you may have already seen the first wave of the dark theme migration (mwahaha!). Eventually, this will trickle over into Rough Trade, Wild Hare Project, and the Quantum Bang.

BUT! Keira recognized that not everyone is going to find reading on a darker background comfortable. So she did the legwork and hooked you up with some information about built-in reader views and/or plug-ins and extensions that will allow you to tailor your viewing experience to your snowflakey needs.

I’m honestly not sure why I went with a predominately blue theme because I generally don’t like blue, but it was speaking to me when I was looking through color palettes. It may be shades of grey in the near future.

Go forth and have happy eyes!

Update: 29 April – The blue could never last. I’ll probably keep trying new things, but there was too much blue for me.

Google Chrome Extensions:
Just Read OR Minimal Read Mode.
Psst. If you use Chrome on an Android device, there’s a hidden reader mode.


Firefox has a built-in Reader Mode.


Safari has a built-in Reader Mode.

Microsoft Edge:

Edge has its own Reader Mode as well. (Why the fuck are you using Edge?! If you’re on IE, don’t even tell me or I might need smelling salts.)

Note: Most reader modes are customizable to allow you to select a background color, font color, font face, and font size that you’re happy with, though capabilities vary to a degree. Extensions come and go and sometimes are very limited in what they can do.


  1. I like it! My eyes are definitely getting older… no bifocals yet, but that’s just me being stubborn… Thanks so much for this site update. It’s definitely easier on my eyes.

  2. Thank you!

  3. I like the new look! It appears to be a mix between blue and grey on my screen, and looks very nice! I also like the readability of it. I agree you chose a good color, but if something else appeals to you more, you can certainly change it as it is your site. I like the fresh new look of all of these sites, and am looking forward to many more hours of easy, enjoyable reading. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My eyes thank you!

  5. I never realised how much the backgrounds effected my eyes – thank you Jilly!

  6. Love it and yes *mumbles* darn glasses…

  7. All hail the dark themes. My eyes thank you very much. (damn progressive lenses)

  8. I have found that not all sites have the reader mode available in Firefox — haven’t figured out why — and yours is one of those. (Phooey!) But the blue-gray background (which is what I see) is very readable. I find some sites go the opposite extreme, with bright white font on dead black background… ai-yai-yai!

    I didn’t know reader mode was customizable; I’ll have to experiment with that. I’ve set my LJ and DW to a medium-pale yellow background, which I like better than plain white. But, so far, I can handle white.

    But in the end, it doesn’t matter… I’ll read your stories (and Keira’s) regardless of how they’re displayed on site. They are bright lights in my corner of fandom, and I love every one. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with your readers.

    • pure white on black is the devil of dark themes. I don’t know how anyone could find that readable. I can’t even distinguish the letters! lol. Hope the reader mode customizations work out…I have the size on mine jacked up hugely đŸ™‚

  9. I love it. I keep my phone in night mode because I can see everything better and I don’t get headaches as much.

  10. Welcome to the world of reading glasses :). I’ve made that transition two years ago – and I still prefer reading on my phone without glasses, lol.

    I love the color scheme, my LJ is (very much unused) blue with white reading, I find dark backgrounds very soothing. A new reason to come to your site even more often :).

    • I need the glasses as much for my astigmatism these days as the encroaching farsightedness. Sigh. Glad the color scheme is helpful! đŸ™‚

  11. I love it. This is how I have all my fan fiction site and my apps for moonreader, kindle and nook set Myself I find it a lot easier on my eyes.

  12. Greywolf the Wanderer

    thanks for not using pure white on black, lass. that’s the very devil to my eyes. this, I can read just fine. though I gotta admit, I do kinda miss your smiling Tony montage. still an’ all, life rolls on. onward thru the fog!

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