Unobstructed Views

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Title: Unobstructed Views
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Drama, Episode Related, Family, Paranormal, Pre-Relationship, Shifters
Relationship(s): Gen, (hints of future Derek/Stiles)
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Dark Themes, Death-Minor Character, Discussion-Torture, Discussion-Murder, Hate Crimes & Hate Speech (Hunter vs. Werewolf type of hate), Kidnapping, Racism/Specism (against werewolves), Torture, Violence-Canon-typical
Author Notes: I make up a lot of stuff.
Challenge: Posted in June for the 2019 Quantum Bang.
Beta: Thank you, Keira & Ladyholder. Alpha read by Starkindler.
Word Count: 63,800
Summary: Stiles refused to leave Erica and Boyd behind in the Argents’ basement, setting off a series of events that brings the pack together and builds a family.
Artist: The incomparable ChestnutNOLA. Thank you for everything.



Cover Art by ChestnutNOLA



  1. Amazing. I love reading your work.

  2. I loved this story so much. Noah is wonderful. I enjoyed the way you had him be an adult and take charge but he still let Derek be the alpha, Derek the support he needed, and so did the rest of the pack. I love that everyone gets to be a family and that you even fixed Scott’s situation. This is going on my permanent re-read list. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I was pretty sure going in that I was going to like this story. It’s always nice to be right!
    I enjoyed the father/son dynamic that underpinned everything, and I’m really not sorry that Scott gone and won’t be inflicting his toxic, situational ‘ideals’ on Stiles and Derek anymore. Well, not for some time, I imagine.
    I thought your OC’s were engaging and real. Alpha Chen and Lucas were great, and I especially liked Sheriff Morris.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. I really loved Stiles giving Erica and Boyd lessons in obfuscation. I liked your point of divergence as well.
    Chris Argent… the least psychopathic of the Argents, and in some ways arguably worse for that fact. He’s bigoted, but can be made to see that his beliefs are illogical and therefore his way of life could be wrong. But that doesn’t stop him from being complicit in some terrible things, even though he KNOWS it’s not right. If the actor wasn’t so hot I doubt we’d care even half as much. I think you’ve caught him perfectly here

  5. Great fix-it and great story. As always I love when adults deal with things in a good and rational way. And I love the smackdown Scott, Deaton and the Argents got.

  6. this was so good! I love that Noah is the voice of reason and the one to put everything back in perspective and get them to see how mess up some of that stuff was. And I love how they dealt with Gerard and Scott! Also, Deaton is so shady, I love the idea that even other packs are wary of him 😀

    • Desiree Nicholls

      One word – Incredible! I always know I’m going to enjoy your fic, (I am constantly re-reading them), but this one was just amazing. I’m enjoying all the fixit fics, but most especially the Teen Wolf ones. I watched the series, but often got mad at some of the stupidity of the actions of the characters. It is fiction yes, but there has to be some degree of accountability. That was my problem with the series. I love the fan-fiction environment and reading what should have happen. I’m a huge fan of your work Jilly and look forward to reading more.

  7. I always know I’m going up enjoy the heck out of your stories, and this one was no exception. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ah, fantastic! Noah is the hero this universe needs, and I loved the rational and intelligent choices being made by pretty much everyone here – with some glaring exceptions, darn it, Scott. That blood debt reveal gave me chills, and I also loved the way you brought in OCs to hint at the larger world that must be out there somewhere. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  9. Fantastic! I love every word of it. Adults adulting, teenagers being teenagers and a kickass Noah. When he observed how broken those teenagers and Derek are, I wanted to hug him and then the kids. All of his observations were so human and warm, it is captivating. I mean, he’s not objective and he’s not perfect or gets it right on the first try but he does his best and seeks resources where he can. The show was pretty shitty (I only watched the first two seasons) but the writers snuck in some hints of what might have been possible. Someone like Noah, a good father and a upstanding and good LEO who knows how victim, victim blaming, hate crimes and motivation can play out – he is perfect for adding perspective to Beacon Hills.
    And I want to kiss you for the way you wrote Scott. I can forgive him for being a selfish little asshole, he’s a teenager but I want to see his (and psycho Barbie Allisons) shitty actions adressed, which you have done in spades and oh so perfectly without making them caricatures. I don’t understand why the canon narrative paints them as romantic or heroic. Ah, well; I am one of those strange people who wanted to send everyone who thought that Di Caprio’s Romeo & Juliet was .”oh so romantic!!!!!! squee” – to therapy post haste (I nearly cried when your OCs and Noah took that option seriously) and TeenWolf was all that with bad script and added werewolves.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  10. That was so good! Even if the ending had me tearing up a little bit!

    Job well done and thank you!

  11. Bloody brilliant.

    I’ve never seen an episode, but just from reading fanfic, I picked up enough to know that Teen Wolf canon is beyond fucked. This story makes everything aaaaalll better.

    Thanks so much for writing and posting! I loved every word.

  12. I am another “fic only” Teen Wolf fan, but good grief the fixes that show has inspired! This is another brilliant one. I loved it being so centred on Noah. I know it’s a cliché in fiction of all sorts (including the stuff I read when I was little!) for the kids to try to exclude the adults, but TW seriously benefits as soon as a sensible adult like the Sheriff is brought up to speed. I also enjoyed the introduction of wolves from nearby towns, which isn’t something I have seen much elsewhere. It makes total sense to me that there’d be other wolves relatively close by, not just in other, random states. I also completely agree with your OC wolf’s take on Laura. And of course Derek and Stiles are such affecting characters that seeing them treated well is a joy!

    I love this story and will certainly be re-reading. Thank you!

    Also, as this final story is posted, may I just take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Bang – writers, artists and organisers – for all your hard work. It’s a triumph and you should all be very proud.

  13. This is such an excellent, satisfying read! I love the found family feel, and the way logic and rational thinking can solve so many problems. Lovely story, as always.

  14. Soooo good! I especially approve of the verbal smack down Deaton was delivered. 😀

  15. Just wow, lovely story. It’s a treat to see Stiles & company get some adult help. It was a wonderful way to bring down the curtain on this year’s Quantum Bang. You truly are a talented writer, I’ve adored all of your stories & reread them so often that I now consider them more canon than real canon itself! Thanks for the entertainment 🙂

  16. As always, reading your stories is an absolute joy.

    And yes including the Sheriff in the action and having the law on the Pack’s side? Perfection!

    Plus, I also enjoyed Stiles and the Sheriff calling out Chris, Allison and Lydia for their shit and not taking it.

  17. That was magnificent. Thank you!

  18. I loved it! Adults adulting, plenty of “Come to Jesus” lectures (which were so needed!), Noah being pack, great OCs, and Scott not getting away with his dickishness. It was all awesome, and it sets them all up well for the future. Thank you!

  19. Teen Wolf was the very first fandom that I encountered waaayyyy back in the infancy of my discovery of fanfic, and I am very happy to say that this story lives up to an old and well-established tradition of outstanding fanfiction. Very well written, excellent characterization, and I especially love your doesnt-take-shit-from-anyone sheriff. Thank you for ending this Bang with a bang.

  20. I do like TW stories that change the horrible choices made in canon. Thank you.

  21. I love this. Adults adulting is becoming my favorite trope, Noah just handling all the ridiculousness was awesome. And the pack house was super-sweet. Noah walking in on the puppy pile and just acting nonchalant was cute. I’ll definitely be reading it again after I get out of my fic coma.

    And the artwork was super-amazing. The quotes on the chapter artwork- wow. The artist did a fantastic job,

  22. I really enjoyed reading this story. Noah’s interaction with pack was great and accidental mage Stiles is my favorite.

  23. This was awesome. Stiles is my unicorn in this fandom, and often feel like he touches so many people, often without conscious effort, but the result is no less meaningful for the contact.
    Noah was brillaint here, rolling with every new piece of information as well as he could, and still thinking rationally, while knowing he couldn’t be completely logical because of Stiles.

  24. I’m loving this story so much. This is exactly the sort of fix-it that I love the most, and your writing and take on the characters is phenomenal. I really enjoyed how Noah reacted to things. I’m also really enjoying Sheriff Morris. It makes sense that there would be other law enforcement officers in the know.

  25. This was an awesome read. I love Stiles with all his snark and quirky intact and in full display. Him being a chip off of the old block (the Sheriff) was icing on the cake. I love it when that is revealed between the two, Stiles had to get it from somewhere. I love this take on what could have been. Wonderful story, it made my week.

  26. This is my second favorite TW story ever!! I love how you brought the “family” together–more than a Pack but exactly what was needed. And bringing the Sheriff in completely–yeah, we need more of those. Thanks for sharing!

  27. I really enjoyed that. Thank you!

  28. I absolutely adored this. Noah was amazing and I love how much having a competent and caring adult involved changes things. Stiles confrontation with Deaton, and his conversation with Peter were incredibly satisfying. Wonderful story all around.

  29. Stiles teaching Erica and Boyd how to lie convincingly to law enforcement was absolutely, hands down hysterical. And so on par for the character. Lol!

    I have to say it—I love stoned, babbly Stiles. The way he just latches on and announces that he’s adopting a pack of wolves… lol. That was gold

    I also appreciate getting to see into Noah’s mind. I haven’t come across many TW fics that take Noah’s perspective. It’s a refreshing change 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  30. Wonderful story! You have an excellent way with words and storytelling that amazes me. Thank you!

  31. Great story! Especially liked your OCs and the background supernatural community. Sending Scott off to rehabilitation camp and some of the others to supernaturally-savvy shrinks is brilliant, especially in the context of a supernatural community. Despite the very nice ending, I feel that you’ve set us up for a good sequel here and will look forward to reading it with pleasure if you’re inspired to write one.

  32. Excellent!!! Always love your work and this is no different. Really enjoyed reading and couldn’t put it down!

  33. Loved it! I’ve only seen one episode of teen Wolf, but you make me feel like I know all the characters personally. Wonderful story. Thank you!

  34. OMG, this was awesome! I really enjoyed this! The Sheriff was a badass and the pack was coming together was great!

  35. This was so good. You always manage to fix canon in a way that appears effortless. There’s so much logic here, to the characters and the choices they make, and it feels so much more organic and true to them than what the show actually gave us. As always, thank you

  36. Lovely story and I really enjoyed the role of elder that you carved out for Noah. Great to see the pack get some help and actually come together to support each other.

  37. Wonderful, papa Stilinski for the win !!
    gorgeous take on canon, loved it,thank you.

  38. All the Adulting! Thank you so, so much for your story. I loved it!

  39. i love seeing the pack as family, and you dealt with the multiple of issues so well. this made my heart happy to read. thank you for sharing :o)

  40. I’ve only ever seen one episode of Teen Wolf, but I’ve read enough to know that you completely nailed this. The character voices, the pack dynamics, the solutions to each issue. I loved how Noah just rolled with all the changes, and how sweet it was that he saw the kids as family so quickly. You fixed everything that was wrong with Teen Wolf, and gave it a satisfying ending. I honestly think this is one of my favorite TW stories of all time, after just one read. Thanks for sharing!


  42. I adore Papa Stilinski fics, and this one hit all the right notes. I loved it!

  43. It’s a crying shame the writers for the show didn’t have a tenth of your talent. This is fantastic. Thank you

  44. Really awesome story. I love how cementing the pack led to improvement all around. Love how you wrote Noah and Stiles. What an amazing relationship. Having read this story, I think I’ll just skip watching season 3.
    Thank you for all your hard work

  45. This was so good and I absolutely adored it. Why couldn’t this have been canon? I always disliked Scott and felt that there was a missed opportunity with telling the story from the Hale perspective. So this hit all my button lol. Your writing is always amazing and draws me in and leaves me wanting more. I’m off to reread now!

  46. This is so darn good!

  47. This is wonderful. I love Noah adopting the pack and adulting.
    I like both Noah and Stiles and their family feels.
    Thank you.

  48. That was really good. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  49. I love this story. It was so great. I love how Noah just fixed everything once he knew there was stuff to fix. I love how Stiles trusted his dad. I am so happy for the pack. I am also happy Scott and Alison were separated and are getting much needed help. Thank you for writing this story. It was a pleasure to read!

  50. This is a phenomenal story and I would love to see more from this particular version of the AU universe. However, if there is never a continuation of this world, the story feels complete and wonderful. I greatly enjoy your writing and look forward to whatever story your brain sparks on next.

  51. I’m pretty sure this has just become my “head canon” in the same way Matthew Shepherd has. Awesome story.

  52. Wow this was a perfect fix it!! So practical and real life. I love how the Sheriff handled it and that Derek is working on being a great Alpha! I love that dive into Alphahood and a look into Laura, Peter, and how power is viewed in their world. It gave good reasons for plot holes and questions I’ve always wondered about the show!! Thank you so much for writing and sharing!

  53. Enjoyed this very much.

  54. An amazing story, I admire your writing so much.
    I loved Stiles deciding to use the law to deal with the Argents rather than letting them have all the power. That this also lead to his father’s involvement was brilliant as Noah brought a whole new perspective to the pack, one based on life experience, a carefully honed sense of right and justice and the care of an involved parent, which was needed by more than his own son.
    The changes opened the way for things like logic, reason and validation. Once Noah started comparing the wolves’ actions to the Argents it gave the pack reassurance and hopefully gave the hunters a harp reality check. Attacking innocent teenagers to make yourself feel better or for some notion of superiority then in turn expecting your own teenager to literally get away with murder is a fine exercise in cognitive dissonance, but a rubbish way to live.
    Thank you for a great story.

  55. Honest to god adulting will never get old. Noah rocks in all respects. Among really great bits were Stiles getting a bit of a wakeup on Peter and taking it onboard, and Scott just….going away. I can also easily picture Noah reaching out to his new contacts about Deaton…..

  56. Looks great! Glad to see it at home 😉 I read it again, because reasons. I’ve a crush on Noah.

  57. Wow! Just found this and what a terrific story! Thank you!

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