For You… (Series)

Series Title: For You…
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: NCIS
Genre/Themes: Romance
Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/Ethan Moore (OMC), Other minor pairings
Content Rating: NC-17 for language, explicit sex, adult themes. Episode rating will vary.
Warnings: Canon-level violence, mentions of 9/11, politics. See individual episodes for specific warnings.
Author Notes: See individual episodes for specific ANs and notes tab on this page for series info.
Spoilers: Pre-series through season five.
Summary: After his wedding plans fall apart, Tony reconnects with his an old flame, eventually taking his life in a new direction.

Art by Polaris


Acronyms and Terms


DoD – Department of Defense
DoN – Department of the Navy
DV – Domestic Violence
FLETC – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
JAG – Judge Advocate General
LEO – Law Enforcement Officer
MTAC – Multiple Threat Alert Center
NCISRA or RA – NCIS Resident Agency (a subordinate office under a field office. For instance, New Orleans is a Resident Agency. They have full teams and vary in size.)
NCISRU or RU – NCIS Resident Unit (permanent duty stations under a field office, but usually only a couple agents. Agents have to be experienced because they must work without supervision and usually have no clerical or administrative support.)
SAC – Special Agent in Charge
SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SFA – Senior Field Agent
SSA – Senior Supervisory Agent (fictional for NCIS) or Supervisory Special Agent (factual FBI)
TAD – Temporary Assigned Duty (Temporary Duty Assignment)

Author Notes

Titles: Every episode title is prefaced by the series title. For instance, the full title of the first episode is For You, I’ll Forgive.

Timeline: The series begins in 2001 when Tony joins NCIS and will end around 2009’ish. This series is a sliding door of my July 2017 RT series, Catalyst. There’s a critical event outlined in the first episode that went very differently in the Catalyst ‘verse. In Catalyst, Tony takes a more canon-like path, eventually leading him to Steve McGarrett. In For You… Tony reunites with his lover from college and his life goes in a different direction.

The For You… ‘verse was conceived when I was writing the third episode of Catalyst and Tony’s past lover came up and I asked myself, “What if Tony’s lover had made a different choice?” And I got carried away with the idea, and this is the result.

Neither story is the “right” one. They’re just explorations of a life going two different paths where both leading to love. I’m a romantic. These are romance stories.

Canon divergences: It’s canon that Tony joins NCIS around October/November 2001 (per Baltimore). If you’ve read the character bio I have for Tony, you’re already familiar with my headcanon that Tony joined NCIS in March of 2001. This series follows that same start date. Additionally, canon says that Tony’s undercover assignment with the mob happened in Baltimore (per Frame Up). That makes no sense to me simply because Tony was still working in Baltimore, so I’ve changed that to Philadelphia.

Crossover characters: I’ll be bringing in some characters from other shows and movies in later episodes, but the other show/movie canons are not relevant to this story, so I’m not listing this as a crossover. You won’t need knowledge of any show but NCIS.


For You... Series Cast Image

Actors: Michael Weatherly, Boris Kodjoe, Alfre Woodard, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emilie de Ravin

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