Duty of the Living

Title: Duty of the Living
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural, Shifters, AU, Slash
Relationship: Stiles/Derek, other minor pairings
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Canon-typical violence. Death of a minor canon character. Discussion of: kidnapping, murder, and the murder of children. See Notes tab for who dies.
Author Note: I’m taking lots of liberties with canon, including character backstories (especially Liam and Mason). To avoid spoilers, there’s an inspiration thanks at the end of the actual story.
Challenge: 2019 Every Fandom Reverse Bang, inspired by art created by TK Benjamin. Main cover art was created by TK Benjamin, all other art created by Jilly James.
Word Count: ~50k
Beta: None
Summary: Stiles leaves Beacon Hills after the events with the kanima. It was supposed to be for a summer, giving him time to get some perspective, but perspective means that Stiles isn’t interested in going back. Not until he’s forced to.

Inspiration Art by TKBenjamin

Inspiration Art by TKBenjamin

Duty of the Living Cast

Lenny Kravits, Yvette Nipar
Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin
Cicely Tyson, Morgan Freeman

I think this story is all id. I went a little off the reservation with the magical worldbuilding, but every time I thought I should rein myself in a little, I said, “meh. fuck it.”

I’m not interested in the whole dread doctors plotline, so I have Liam and Mason entering as transfer students and being bitten by Scott. End of story. No Theo or any of the other chimera.

Highlight the end of this line for the spoiler about who dies: Deaton

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  1. I’m about to start reading this fic for the second time. I wanted to stop and say that my initial reaction was one of delight and awe. This story was a magical and delightful experience and a deeply satisfying read. I loved the way the story developed and what happened to the characters old and new. I actually didn’t watch the series – but there’s no way it was this good. Thanks for a story I can read over and over again. Oh. One last thing. The character death? Made me chortle with glee. 😀

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