Evil Author…Week?

It’s Evil Author Week!

Didn’t know it was a week, did you? Yeah, me either. But my schedule seemed to think it was an entire week because, damn, last week was rough. I’d planned to post on Sunday because I knew Friday was going to be hell on wheels, but it turns out that getting exposed to a ton of mold is a lot like a food poisoning. Data points in my life I really could have done without!

In any case, I know some folks are legit worried that I tripped into the ocean and was spirited away by a selkie, or fell off a horse right into a fairy circle and disappeared to Camelot, or perhaps got accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was subsequently eaten by a 3-headed dog, but I’m actually fine. Just been busy. I do have my EAD stuff picked out and my current goal is to get it up for the end of “Evil Author Week” on Friday. Hopefully, Evil Author “Week” will only be a feature of the 2019 writing season.

In other news, I was sort of stunned that the last thing I’d posted to my site was in March of 2018. Holy crap! I wrote a fuck ton last year, but editing anything never made my priority list. I have at least 5 stories I need to edit and post. Is that a terrible fic tease? Yeah, maybe so, but it is Evil Author Week. 😉

Hope all of you are well and staying safe from the cold weather or that your AC is robust if you’re south of the equator.

ETA: Ah ha! I forgot that I did post a short back in November over on the Wild Hare Project. If you haven’t seen it and want to know what expression my insanity takes, check out Perishable.


  1. Gonna be honest really did think you’d stopped writing . Was extremely upset when I made that conclusion. Thank You for not being gone entirely, you have made my week, will even forgive the teasing ?

  2. Happy to see that you are ok. RL does and should come first, especially when your sick. Sometimes plans fall through and that’s just life. The five fics are a terrible tease… Thanks for that. 🙂

  3. *offers a hug* mold is evil… And it’s good to know you’re alright!

  4. I must admit some concern that you didn’t have an evil author day post. I am super excited for anything you produced. Thank you in advance for all the happiness I will get.

  5. Yeah Jilly is back!!! ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????

  6. This is so exciting to hear! I’m very glad you didn’t fall into the ocean, and am looking forward to reading whatever you post!

  7. Yay! I am so glad you are not dead! I was wondering because of the long radio silence, but I never like to ask because usually that means life is getting in the way and asking is more stressful than helpful.

  8. I’m relieved to hear you were “just” super busy and are actually fine.

    Between the delay in EAD turning into Evil Author Week and teasing some unedited fics, you are definitely in the Evil Theme!

  9. It’s good to see a sign of life 😉 I spent half of Saturday berating myself for expecting you to post something on EAD when you have no duty to do so just because you did regularly before. I hope you’ll have some time to rest this weekend and maybe enjoy other’s EADs 😉 Also – EAW sounds very good for me! Thank you for letting us know despite your duties.

  10. All else aside, I’m so glad you survived your battle with mold. Being sick is never a good thing, and this sounds like it really took a toll. Many hugs to you as you continue to recover.

  11. So happy to hear from you, I really was worried when I didn’t see a post from you last Friday. Glad that you’re just insanely busy, you are well worth any type of wait 🙂

  12. Whew! I was not going to beg for EAD, but I have been lurking on the site hoping there would be at least one post. Glad you didn’t drown.

  13. Glad you’re feeling better.

  14. Ah. yes, Perishable. One of my favorite fan fics of all time.

  15. When an event is on a specific date, whether it’s EAD or Christmas or a birthday, Sod’s Law says that at some point the universe will just decide that, nope, you’re not going to get to do that. In 2018, every time we had something planned either my husband got sick or I did! Nothing major – colds & such – but just enough to make you not want to be cheerfully sociable.
    Hope you’re feeling better. (The mould allergy sounds particularly unpleasant). I confess I look forward to reading your new works but I am also quite happy to wait until you’re ready. I know how irritated I would feel if anyone was pressurising me!
    Best wishes from the UK ?
    (where admittedly we need cheering up at the moment! ? )

  16. I love your writing and have been happily rereading your stories. But this post made my day!

    “Spirited away by a selkie…” epic.

    Sorry you had to deal with mold. That sucks!☹️ Hop you feel better soon!

  17. Proof of life accepted.

  18. Glad you’re okay and hopefully feeling better.

  19. A very funny email. Thanks for making me smile.

  20. Greywolf the Wanderer

    kewl!! and hey, no worries, yeah? shit happens. *has waaaaay too many WIPs to point fingers at anyone ever about anything* 😀

  21. hmm…. okay now I seem to be able to login with WP and leave a comment! Yay!

    I’m relieved to read that you’re okay. I never quite know how much questioning I can do without appearing to be too intrusive. But good to know you’re okay. Hugs.

  22. It’s so great to hear from you Jilly! I am very much looking forward to reading what you post for “Evil Author Week”

  23. YaY! I was worried. Glad you are okay.

  24. Glad to read you’re still around and haven’t suddenly gone missing due to mystery event! Looking forward to your future reveals…

  25. I cannot wait to read more of your works!!! Can you gives us a time line for the posting?

  26. I’m just relieved you didn’t fall through a portal to the Bermuda Triangle cause that place is just whacko. Hope your recovery/health proceeds smoothly.

  27. Mold can do nasty things to your lungs. Hope you got the situation handled. We wouldn’t want anything to come between us and evilly authored stories!

  28. Lovely to hear from you. Time has this “lovely” habit of flying away without us knowing it. Looking forward to reading your new stories.

  29. glad to know you are ok and still writing. I have missed you and look forward to your posting soon or whenever you can. thanks for letting us know

  30. Still hoping to see if you have anything up.

  31. crochetgeek2010

    I honestly figured you joined the Ge healthcare madhouse, figured you must be hiding among the mucky mucks:-)?

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