Marlislash donates so much time and talent to doing art for those in the Rough Trade community, and far beyond into fandom at large, so when she wanted some McShep and Sterek in a banner, I was delighted to try to pull something together for her. (Yes, the Sterek is subtle.)

There’s also a 300-word drabble, titled Spaced, that I wrote for her to accompany the banner.
– – – –

“You have to get them off the city,” Rodney griped as he slid into a chair in John’s office.

John leaned back, brows raised, knowing exactly who Rodney was talking about. “I can’t space them, Rodney. We’ll be back on Lantea soon. We’ll just have to suck it up until then.”

Rodney grumbled and rubbed his hands over his head, making his hair stick up in disarray. “Why couldn’t they have waited a few more days to come online? Who ever heard of sentinel and guide coming online at exactly the same time?”

Laughing, John just said, “Rodney…”

“It’s terrible, John, everyone is happy and smiling.”

“There are worse things.”

“And they’re constantly sneaking off to fuck like rabbits! No one is getting a damned thing done.” He gave John a look. “Were we really that horrible when we bonded?”

“It’s not horrible, and yes. Six blocks in any direction of the Center, people were very happy for the week it took our bond to settle.” John was just grateful that the sentinels and guides on the city could block most of the effect of the bonding’s empathic bleed. Although, even he and Rodney weren’t completely immune. They’d been having sex a lot the last three days.

“Well, we were on Earth and weren’t responsible for maintaining an enormous city flying through space. I need my staff to be getting stuff done, not sighing and not-so-subtly adjusting their dicks. And don’t give me that look! I swear the women are adjusting their dicks, too.”

John sighed. “How about we put them in a ‘jumper and remote pilot it away from the city.”

“That would be perfect.”

“But when people gripe about their feel-good vibes gone walkabout, I’m telling them you were the reason Captain Hale and Dr. Stilinski were spaced.”

– – – –


  1. haha oh that was all kinds of awesome

  2. Thats just made of ‘happy’ all round

  3. I wanted to coo when I was done reading. Great story.
    And they still got “spaced”, hahaha

  4. Love the banner and love the drabble. Thank you!

  5. The banner is beautiful and the drabble made me giggle.

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