Worth It

Title: Worth It Fandom: Criminal Minds, NCIS Genre: Romance, Fluff Relationship: Penelope Garcia/Tony DiNozzo Content Rating: PG Word Count: 5,820 Summary: Penelope met someone when she moved into her new building. Her whole team was now suspicious of this new man in her life.

These Small Hours

Title: These Small Hours Fandom: NCIS, Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis Genre: Drama, Family, Romance Relationship: Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs. Other minor & background pairings Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Major Character Death (sort of, and it's temporary), Canon-typical Violence, Explicit Sex Word Count: 66k Summary: When Tony DiNozzo was eight years old, Oma Desala set him on the path to ascension. Twenty-three years later, after contracting the plague, he takes the final step on the path. The loss of Tony changes everything for Gibbs and ultimately for Stargate Command and the city of Atlantis.

Here for You

Title: Here for You Fandom: 9-1-1 Genre: Romance, Friendship, Family Relationship: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz Content Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Canon-typical violence and subject matter Word Count: ~23,100 Summary: When Buck makes the hard decision to finally leave Abby, Eddie makes an overture of friendship that changes the course of their lives.

The Dark Road

Title: The Dark Road Fandom: Teen Wolf Genre: Drama, Paranormal Relationship(s): Gen Content Rating: R Warnings: Canon-typical violence; Death of Minor Canon Characters; Murder; Character Bashing. Word Count: ~34,800 Summary: When the Hale house burned, most of his family died, and his new alpha left him for dead, one member of Peter Hale’s pack refused to leave him behind.

Summer 2020 Update

First order of business: My site isn't down (more than usual) or unstable or anything else out of the ordinary. If your browser is pointing to https, you're going to get an error. You need to adjust your link to be http.


Title: Demons (sequel to Stick Around) Fandom: NCIS, MCU, The Sentinel Genre: Drama, Fusion, Crossover, Romance Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo aka Dom Rossi/Tony Stark Content Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex, cases involving kidnapping, and canon-typical issues. Word Count: 72,900 Summary: While Tony tries to get the Avengers Initiative moved under the U.N., outside voices keep telling him that his relationship with Dom is doomed to failure. Tony has to wrestle with his own demons to fight for the man he’s fallen for.

One Million Words

Starting off 2020 with a bang! Demons is on the way, within an hour of this post, and it will take me over 1,000,000 words in completed stories on this site. Oh, and it’s my birthday.

2019 – With Your Shield or On It

"Come back with your shield - or on it" (Plutarch, Mor.241) A look back at 2019 and a look ahead at 2020.

Unobstructed Views

Title: Unobstructed Views Fandom: Teen Wolf Genre: Drama, Episode Related, Family, Paranormal, Pre-Relationship, Shifters Relationship(s): Gen, (hints of future Derek/Stiles) Content Rating: R Warnings: Dark Themes, Death-Minor Character, Discussion-Torture, Discussion-Murder, Hate Crimes & Hate Speech (Hunter vs. Werewolf type of hate), Kidnapping, Racism/Specism (against werewolves), Torture, Violence-Canon-typical Word Count: 63,800 Summary: Stiles refused to leave Erica and Boyd behind in the Argents’ basement, setting off a series of events that brings the pack together and builds a family.

The Fourth Want

Title: The Fourth Want Series: Profilers for Christmas 2019 Advent Calendar Fandom: Hannibal Genre: Challenge Response, First Time, Romance, Slash Relationship(s): Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham Content Rating: R Warnings: Background Cannibalism (Hannibal is Hannibal), Potentially Other Trigger Topics Word Count: 7,585 Summary: After an overheard conversation at the FBI, Will decides to take his relationship with Hannibal in a different direction.
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Evil Author Day

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